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You’re a new fitness instructor. Whether you just received your certification, have your certification but haven’t done much with it yet, or you are just getting back into teaching, you’re hungry for information! You want to learn as much as you can about how to be a great instructor and build a steady class attendance.  As a rising star, you are filled with energy for teaching fitness, passionate about sharing your gifts and talents, and excited to help others get health & fit, while finding a place for yourself in the fitness industry.

You have been on a journey.  You most likely have a health & fitness success story of your own - reclaiming your life and your health, overcoming challenges, and becoming a better person through health and fitness.  It's likely you have been supported and encouraged by your mentors and other fitness professionals to get started in the fitness industry.  And here you are!  Welcome!



Ninja Tip #1:  Put Yourself Out There

You've got to start teaching on a regular basis!  Whether it's substitute teaching, co-instructing or teaching one class a week, you've got to start somewhere! 

  • Put in applications at your local gyms, studios, community centers etc. (whether they are hiring or not!) 
  • Look into offering classes in community spaces
  • Have you looked into teaching at churches or schools?
  • What about private businesses?


Ninja Tip #2:  Grow Your Confidence

Getting up in front of a crowd (especially if you don't have much experience) can feel scary.  Are they enjoying the class?  Do they like me?  Am I a good instructor?  These are all questions that run through our minds and can knock our confidence.

  • Gather a group of close friends and/or family and demo/practice/teach with them
  • Be upfront and tell your participants that you are new to teaching
  • Fail forward - come to terms that you are going to make a lot of mistakes and forgive yourself for them!


Ninja Tip #3:  Get a Reality Check

Being a great fitness instructor, having packed classes, and getting your participants results is much more than just showing up to teach and keeping up your credentials.  It's important that you manage yourself and your role well.

  • Be careful gobbling up the latest and greatest certifications and licenses - more isn't always better
  • Learn how to connect with your participants, distinguish yourself from the thousands fitness instructors out there, and consistently teach a safe, energetic, and fun workout every time
  • Don't wind up teaching a ton of classes, running around like a chicken with your head cut off, fighting fatigue and STILL having to work a day job


If you play your cards right, your future looks bright!  😎  The health & fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it continues to grow!  Demand for your services is high.  For over five years now, a consistent 60% of Americans participate in some kind of fitness activity.  

However, even though demand for fitness steadily grows, so does supply!  Meaning, competition for health & fitness jobs can be stiff.  As a result, in order to stay relevant and "in the game", many new fitness instructors quickly acquire several certifications and licenses within their first 6 - 18 months of consistently teaching.  I call it "the bug."  

The "bug" is an insatiable drive to get certifications and speciality licenses so you can get lots of teaching gigs and fill up your schedule doing what you love.   Unfortunately, with this approach, your love for fitness starts to become an expensive hobby, quickly crowds up your schedule pulling you away from having quiet evenings on the couch or Saturday morning cuddle time, and throws you in the vicious cycle of the fitness world.  

The vicious cycle is burnout, injury, fatigue, running around like a chicken with your head cut off and not making any money.

--> My job is to save you from this vicious cycle of the fitness instructor world.  I don't want to see you 3-5 years from now exhausted, not making any money, your partner all up in your grill, no time with your kids and too busy to enjoy what you love.  

--> I am here to help you end up in a different place than most fitness instructors QUICKER . . . because you are not going to be doing it like everyone else.  Sound good?




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Business Mentor


  I help fitness instructors fill your fitness classes and increase your longevity & happiness in the fitness industry.  

When you are new to teaching fitness classes you are excited and passionate.  You want to teach as many classes as possible and to as many people as possible.  That's great!

I first entered the fitness industry with a Zumba® Fitness license and within my first six months of teaching, I acquired several more Zumba® speciality licenses and my group exercise certification.  Already having a background in holistic nutrition and mental wellness with the PSYCH-K® Centre International, I was well on my way to building my health & fitness empire!

But quickly I ended up running around ragged, teaching nine classes a week, living in my workout gear, and missing out on dinners and special times with my two small boys and husband.  Even though I was a "successful" fitness instructor, I was exhausted and unhappy.

I realized that there HAD to be a better way, so I got help.  Today, I'm offering you a hand as well - so that you build your fitness empire intelligently and with purpose and don't wind up frazzled, exhausted and missing out on the best parts of your life.