Masterclass Series for New or Re-Entering Fitness Instructors 

If you are HUNGRY for information about how to build your confidence & impact as a fitness instructor and build steady class attendance, then this masterclass series is just for you!

* IMPORTANT * Your time is precious!  Instead of a 90-minute webinar, I've chunked this masterclass series into a bundle of six 10-minute trainings!  

In this Masterclass Series You Will Discover:

  • Why you don't need to have tons of certifications, licenses, & credentials to be a great fitness instructor (and what to do instead)
  • 5 little known but oh so simple ways to create that "OMG, I gotta go" reaction to your classes, services, and programs so the competition becomes irrelevant
  • The secret to becoming the "in demand" instructor your peeps can't get enough of so they keep coming back and new peeps keep walking through your doors
  • How to grow your confidence & never worry about showing up to an empty studio ever again!

This Masterclass Series Is For You:

  • If you just received your certification, have your certification but haven’t done much with it yet, or you are just getting back into teaching
  • If you’re hungry for information & you want more people consistently attending your group fitness classes (because more people means more fun, more consistent cashola, and more good vibes for you)
  • If you’re struggling to build your fitness business with a solid, steady stream of paying clients and want to really help people doing something you love
  • If you sometimes question whether you should be teaching because low turnout knocks your confidence (and you fear your classes might be cut)
  • If you want to learn as much as you can about how to be a great instructor and build steady class attendence

What To Do Next:

Step 1:  Download your Masterclass Workbook >>

* I suggest your print the workbook and start a fitness business binder!  I've also made the workbook fillable so you can open it on your computer and type directly in it.

Step 2:  Block out 15 minutes a day to dig into each mini masterclass!

Step 3:  Click on each training, watch the video, take notes in your workbook & take action!

Step 4:  Get results!


Record your ah-ha moments and all the goodness that you will be learning so you can put everything into focused action to get the best results!


Get the word out about your fitness classes authentically & organically!  In this training you will learn what to do and what not to do.