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You're an experienced fitness instructor who holds multiples licenses and certifications. Because you've been consistently teaching for some time, you know the ups and downs of the fitness industry & the highs and lows. There is no way you are jumping ship, but you're hungry for a new path that supports you from burning out and/or getting injured and opens you up to making more income and impact.

You are in it to win it!  Teaching consistently while maintaining your own level of health, fitness, happiness, personal life, and paid work outside of your classes is A LOT.  Regardless, your clients look up to you as a source of motivation and inspiration.  Knowing that you are helping others change their lives through health & fitness fuels you, even when times are tough.  Congratulations!  You're still here!  



Ninja Tip #1:  Maximize on your licenses & certifications

Are your credentials gathering dust or are you actually using them to serve your clients in deeper ways?  Instead of gathering CECs/CEUs "just because" do this:

  • Create a free goodie with extra-special tips and/or support and hand it out after your classes
  • Specialize in an area of health & fitness and become known for that
  • Target a certain demographic of people and become an expert in solving their specific health & fitness problems
  • Develop special programming as complimentary support for your clients 


Ninja Tip #2:  Balance Your Work & Life

Burn out, injury, lack of sleep & self care, poor nutrition, and neglecting children or loved ones are symptoms of a fitness instructor who is working too much!  In order to last in this industry, you have to have balance.

  • How many classes a week are you teaching?  Honestly ask yourself if it's too much on your body.
  • Are you making the money you want, need, and deserve?
  • Your classes are NOT your workouts.  You need to have your own mind/body practice that supports you.
  • How is your nutrition?
  • Are you sleeping enough, getting enough free time, and have quality time with your loved ones?
  • Are you in debt?  Can you afford a vacation?  


Ninja Tip #3:  Create Supplemental Income

You can increase your income and impact as a fitness instructor without always having to teach a physical class or trade your time for money.

  • Create support & programming outside of your classes/sessions.
  • You have the ability to offer online services with very little overhead.
  • Scale & leverage your talents, passion, experience, and education OUTSIDE of classes and sessions.


You're a total Betty when it comes to teaching your fitness classes, keeping up the high nrgy, and getting your peeps the results they crave and if you play your cards right, you have many years left in the fitness industry.  The health & fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it continues to grow!  Demand for your services is high.  For over five years now, a consistent 60% of Americans participate in some kind of fitness activity.  

However, if you are feeling burned out, nursing an injury, not making any money even though you are working your booty off, then you need to find a better path so you can improve and increase your life span.  Just because you are steadily teaching and people love you, you still have to stay relevant while keeping the fires burning.

With all of your certifications & licenses, it's time get out of the vicious cycle that so many fitness instructors are stuck in and take everything to the next level.  Gone are the days where you run yourself ragged teaching a ton of classes and paying for the latest certification.  

If you want to take your expertise to the next level, you must specialize, scale and leverage.  

--> My job is to pluck you out of the vicious cycle of the fitness instructor world.  Let's end your exhaustion, put some money in your pocket for once, get your partner out of your grill, and give you the gift of time with your kids & the freedom to enjoy your life.  

--> I am here to help you back yourself out of the corner you've wound up in without you having to completely start over or quit. Sound good?



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  I help fitness instructors fill their fitness classes and increase their longevity & happiness in the fitness industry.  It's important that you use your talents and passion as a fitness instructor so you can become the #bossqueen of your business & your life.

As an Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator, I understand how your mind works, what's happening in your head and how you need to SHOW UP in your life and your business in order to make the money you want and have a business & life that you ADORE.

I've built successful online and offline health & fitness businesses and am now helping other smart, purpose driven, and hard working women build thriving health & fitness businesses too.

I own and operate a health & fitness studio in southern Colorado, am a stay-at-home mamma, and Advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator.