3 Types of Participants Attending your Fitness Classes & How to Manage Them


It's very important to consider the different types of people who are popping into your fitness classes and manage your expectations around them.

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If you are newer to teaching, you may be going through this now (and if you are not new, I know you've been through it!).

You spend hours preparing for your first class, you are all excited, and then the moment arrives, and it doesn't turn out like you expected.

In fact, so far in your journey teaching fitness classes, isn't all smooth sailing.  Am I right?

People come.
People go.
People say they'll come, and then they don't!
Heck, even people PAY and then don't use all their classes.

You get lifers and you get everything in between.

Even though you know not to take it personally (when people leave in the middle of your class, show up once, and then never come back), sometimes the ups and downs can eat away at your confidence and make you wonder what you are doing wrong.

I need you to know right now that you are AMAZING, and you show up offering so much value, generosity, and passion. You truly deliver every single time you get up in front of your peeps.

All of your peeps are on their own journey, and they show up to your classes for several reasons. So, let's talk about those reasons.

Let's take a look at the three typical types of peeps who might be popping into your fitness classes:


These are the peeps who make sure they schedule their dentist appointments on non-class days! They show up consistently, work hard, are all smiles, refer friends, and are delightful to have in class.

They feel amazing! An inner and outer transformation has taken (or is taking) place for them, and they are experiencing the joy, satisfaction, freedom, and great health because that coming regularly to your classes brings.

For all the awesome benefits, it's really not that big of a deal to set aside a few hours a week and a few bucks to show up to your classes (or even more to work more closely with you), but not everyone is going to do that.

Part of what feels so great to have LIFERS to is to witness their continuing transformation.  

They are the ones who make your heart smile and make tears sprout to the corners of your eyes when you think about how much your classes and programs have helped them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Lifers are the perfect candidates for your one-on-one or signature programs.


These are the peeps who buy a pass or a group of classes, they show up to them (not necessarily all of them) and go through the motions, but you are not quite sure if your class is really doing it for them.

In other words, they aren't your enthusiastic lifers shouting about your classes from the roof tops. They are showing up (some of the time) and that's great but..

You're not quite sure if they are having the transformation they are looking for, both on the inside and outside.  

Sometimes you wonder what they are getting out of coming to your classes. Well, the reasons are many.

People's lives can be complicated, and maybe all they can do is show up to class every once in a while. Maybe it's the busy mother who can only get away once a week.

Honestly, you can't even begin to guess what's up with people, so the best advice I have for you is to support them where they are at, realize they are doing the best they can, and give them one heck of a class when they are able to show up.

Although we want to help create amazing transformations for all of our peeps and keep them consistent, we need to understand that their journey and their current reality is not in the same place as your lifers.


These are the peeps who show up once. They might have even told you how much they enjoyed your class, and then you never hear from them again.  

You might ask yourself, "What' up? Is it something I did?" At this stage, they are either bargain hunters and jumped on your First Class is Free offer with no intentions to continue, or they love the idea of what's possible for them with your classes, but they are not ready to invest in the time, hard work, and consistency it really takes to get results.

You know those peeps who talk about coming to your classes and never actually make it through the door?  This speaks to them as well.

They are not ready to take action and make that commitment.  

Again, please understand that when you have peeps that fall into this category, don't take it personally.

Be aware that as more people get to know you, your fitness classes, and how your programs can benefit them, they are going to be at different places in their lives. 

And even if they don't automatically fall into category #1 (your lifers), guess what?

It doesn't mean that you suck and are a terrible instructor.  It doesn't mean that the big box gym down the road is better than you or is offering more value.  

So there you have it!  Those are the three types of people who may walk into your classes.  I really hope this helps you not beat yourself up too much if it's taking a while for you to build your classes, get a steady flow going, help people, and make $$$.

It's all part of the journey!  Focus on showing up, delivering extraordinary value, appreciating the folks who do make the investment, and holding the space for the ones to come!


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