The Audience Attraction Formula: From Ghost Town to Packed Classes in 30 Days or Less

I was recently featured as a guest speaker in, "The Audience Attraction Formula: How to get new health and fitness clients in 30 days, even if you're starting from scratch," hosted by Lisa Simone Richards.

In this interview, I get old skool with you, and share five ninja tips to grow your fitness classes.  

If you want to keep your client schedule full outside of peak times like New Year’s Resolution season and beach body season, then click on the video and check out this chat I had with Lisa.

You'll learn some pretty kool stuff (too many k's?). Specifically:

  • Some old school marketing tips that are super successful, that people aren’t taking enough advantage of nowadays
  • What fitness pro newbies should be doing, and how that differs from experienced instructors, plus…
  • The two ways people consume your marketing, and how master both of them

Use these ninja tips, and you can look forward to a packed roster all year round!

What is a Ninja?

A person who excels in a particular skill or activity.  I chose the word "ninja" for my ninja tips because you have to excel in all areas of your fitness business and not just cherry pick the ones you like! 


Ninja Tip #1: 

Recognize & Praise Your Peeps

  • It's not about you standing up and entertaining people for 60 minutes
  • Recognize your peeps for the milestones & goals their are achieving
  • People are hard on themselves, so you've got to spot light them
  • People want to feel noticed & appreciated


  • In person/eye-to-eye
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media/Private FB Group
  • Entrance to your studio

Ninja Tip #2:

Wear & Share

  • People are very observant and they are watching you
  • Easy way to start a movement
  • Easy, no brainer way to market
  • Easy way to get your name out there in a natural & organic way

Ninja Tip #3:

Declutter Your Flyers

  • Keep it clean and not filled with a ton of info!
  • Stick to the basics and always start with the benefits so that they know what kind of transformation they are going to get with you
  • Tap into the visual and auditory senses by using a vivid photo & jaw dropping copy

Where to put flyers?

  • Local grocery store
  • Parks
  • Community Centers
  • Anywhere in public where you can get permission

Ninja Tip #4:

Car Magnets

  • People need to see you several times before they start to "get it"
  • Go to and get an inexpensive magnet
  • Keep your car clean and drive safely!

Ninja Tip #5:


Stop with the "come to my classes" verbal diarrhea

  • Just BE YOU when you are out and about - represent yourself and don't always talk about your classes, services, and programs
  • People pick up on subconscious cues from you and if you represent yourself well, they will want to know how to spend more time with you
  • Be a real person
  • People want to know how much they can "know, like and trust" you before they start working with you

27 Ninja Tips to Fill Your Fitness Classes


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