5 Reasons To Brand Your Email As A Fitness Instructor & Business Owner


I see it all the time in my Facebook feed, on flyers, and in promotional materials: "For more information about this [Enter the name of your fitness promotional event or party] contact janedoe@gmail.com."

My mind comes to a screeching halt! And I know I'm not alone. The minds of your potential fitness clients are also getting the message that maybe you are not as legit as you are. And it's all because of a certain subtlety of your email address!

YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO BRAND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and the good news is that it's quick and inexpensive!!!  

In this article, I'm going to share with you WHY it's important that you brand your email address, and then I'm going to show you how to set it up!

Five Reasons To Brand Your Email Address As A Fitness Instructor & Biz Owner:

1.  Subconscious Messaging is Strong and Meaningful

A branded email address communicates that you are established and professional. A generic email address could project inexperience and raise doubts as to whether you’re even legit at all. When your email address is branded, your clients and future clients get the message that you’re not going anywhere and you're serious about your business.

2.  You're In It To Win It

A janedoefitness@gmail.com type address conveys that you are new, small, or part time. Having a branded email is more professional and can help prevent awkward situations where potential clients may not want to compensate you as fairly.  I recommend that you set up support@janedoefitness.com, and/or yourname@janedoefitness.com.

3.  Builds Credibility & Trust

Unfortunately, scam artists do exist, so many clients won’t be comfortable emailing personal information to janedoefitness@gmail.com. But when you have a branded email address, you’re providing a sense of security and reassurance to your clients and future clients that your business is legitimate and really does exist.

4.  Professional Emails are Inexpensive

You can set up a branded email address in a few easy steps, even if you don't have a website yet!  See my video tutorial below where I walk you through what to do.  

5.  Promote Awareness for Your Brand

The best benefit of using branded email is every time you send out an email, you’re promoting your business, not Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo. It’s a valuable, cost-efficient way to create awareness around your fitness business just through day-to-day communication.


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