3 Steps to Put A CASH COW In Your Fitness Classes By the End of This Week

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Hi, I'm Angela Anderson and I help fitness instructors fill your fitness classes and increase your longevity and happiness in the health & fitness industry.

I want to share with you something super cool that I found in my file cabinet today as I was de-cluttering my office.  This is going to help you have a CASH COW in your health & fitness business.

The first thing you need to know is that often times we have everything to be successful inside of us already. 

We have the answers inside of us, so much wisdom and so much goodness.  But, sometimes we have a hard time expressing it and letting it out.  If you keep track of your work and then go back and look at them, you'll see all the GOLD you have waiting for you so you can make more money, serve more people, get people the results they want, create those deep relationships, have a meaningful business, and live a happy life.

That said, I've been inspired to de-clutter my freaking house!  I am moving through every single corner of my house like the Tazmanian Devil and am clearing things out!  I found this cash cow [holding up picture of old flyer] in my file cabinet.

It says:

5 Day Challenge

Kick Off is ...

Finale is ...

$5 a day ...

The pictures are eye catching, they don't look like what normal health & fitness marketing looks like.  It's a pattern interrupt.

This is one of the very first flyers I created when I first started [cash cowing my business].

I'm a Zumba® Fitness Instructor and also lead small group training classes.  When I first started, I quickly realized that teaching group fitness doesn't pay a ton of money!  There are a lot of ups and downs with attendance, we are lucky if we get our certs, licenses, insurance, etc. covered with what we earn.

We are very very passionate about what we do as fitness instructors so we want to figure out how to earn more money and how to help more people.

The "normal" path a fitness instructor would take is to get a nutrition degree, get your personal trainer certification, or dream to open your very own studio.

At the end of the day, the bottom line is how to actually make money and make your business work.

You've got to have a CASH COW in your business.   That is how you make it work.  

Consider doing this CASH COW right now!  Take action right now!

[Stop Leaving Money On The Table]

... and figure out how you're going to support your people outside of coming to class with you.

People struggle more in the other 23 hours of the day then when they are in class with you.  They think that you forcing them to do squats, pushups, etc. is hard.  But, what is really hard is:

  • the dessert table at a party
  • all the alcohol
  • trying to figure out what to wear to an event and feeling like a fat slob
  • getting out of the shower and feeling everything jiggle and beating yourself up in your mind
  • showing up to work with people who are apathetic, don't have other ambitions in life, are negative, and don't care
  • the stress people carry in their lives
  • being parents - parenting is difficult and children don't come with manuals

As health & fitness professionals we have solutions for that.  You are leaving money on the table and you are not maximizing on your CASH COW if you are just teaching a class where people can come and go, take you for granted, and then they are out of there.  You are leaving money on the table.

I realized with my health & fitness business (after getting all these licenses & certs, paying monthly dues, teaching 9 classes a week and still barely bringing in $1000 a month) that something had to chance.

So, I started adding in accountability, workouts outside of class, and nutrition.

If you are not a nutritionist and if you don't have the right degrees, then go hire someone to put together a meal plan for you.  The one time fee you pay them will allow you to continually profit and help so many people over and over again.

What's cool about this flyer is that I made the event five days.  It cost only $25 for people join.  If you get five people to work out a little more outside of class and clean up how they eat so they don't eat five pieces of fudge and three alcoholic drinks at their next party, and charge them $25 each, then this month you'll earn an extra $250.  And, you're going to get them excited and into one of your larger programs that cost more and require more commitment.

#1 Stop leaving money on the table

#2 Figure out how to support people outside of class where they struggle the most

#3 Pull in your experience, licenses, and certifications to put together a mini entry program ...

... slap a $25 - $35 entry fee on it, get 10 - 20 people in there.  Who is going to object to you pouring your heart, soul, passion, motivation, expertise, and positivity in them?  That is a KILLER DEAL!  It's cheaper than going out to eat or buying a pair of shoes.

All you have to do is put together a sweet little flyer saying what it is, what the benefits are, what they can expect, and talk with them after class.  Send them an email, text, voicemail on Facebook and get them registered.  Set your links up and BOOM, you've got this!!!

You can get this out by the end of the week and have people registering by next week.

What you need to do next is to register for my training "How to Earn Your First $500 With Online Health & Fitness Transformation Challenges."

I'm going to teach you how to:

  • CASH COW your health & fitness business
  • market your challenge like a #bossqueen so people rush in there
  • run it so you don't throw a tech tantrum and are not caught up in the bells and whistles, but in there helping people get results
  • wash, rinse, repeat so you can CASH COW your biz any time of the year

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