9 Summer Fitpro Conference Hangover Remedies

Fitness conferences and conventions are an awesome way to get continuing education, specialty certifications in the newest health & fitness programs, discover new tools to grow your health & fitness business, and connect with others in the industry.

But after the 3-4 days of constant go-go-go and cramming information in your head, how do you recover?  How do you tame the conference chaos and clear the clutter so that you can actually implement everything you've learned and get amazing results in your health & fitness business? 

The truth is, it's overwhelming to know where and how to start implementing all the goodies you learn, so I've broken it down for you in this interview Shannon Fable who presents at a number of industry shows such as ECA, IDEA, DCAC, IHRSA, Club Industry, CanFit Pro and AFPA. She is a frequent contributor to industry publications such as the IDEA Fitness Journal, Club Solutions Magazine, IHRSA, and the Anytime Fitness Blog.

Remedy #1:  What's the #1 Thing Missing at Fitpro Conferences?

Remedy #2:  How Should I Chose Which Sessions to Attend?


Remedy #3:  How Do I Get the Most Out of My Conference Experience?

Remedy #4:  How Do I Implement What I've Learned Back At Home in "Real Life"?


Remedy #5:  Should I Get More Specialty Certs or Take Other Courses?

Remedy #6:  What's the Hottest Continuing Education Certification Right Now?


Remedy #7:  How Do I Make Fitness A Sustainable Career?

Remedy #8:  How Do I Make Money In the Fitness Industry?


Remedy #9:  Is Building An Online Business A Viable Career Move?


What to do next:

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