3 Key Elements That Keep Your Health and Fitness Clients Coming Back Begging For More


There are several things that make up a successful fitness class, and every instructor is different. However, no matter how unique you are, there are certain components that MUST be present every time you work with clients. If you are aware of these components and focus to deliver them every time you work with clients, you will be more successful.


To chose to attend a fitness class, have a coaching or training session, or take a health and fitness program is a commitment.  People are committing to you and your program, plus the hope that they will get the results they are looking for.  

There could be a million results they are looking to achieve, and they may not be consciously aware of all of their hopes and desires. Most people who get involved with health & fitness programs want to lose weight, tone, tighten, change their eating habits, etc. But underneath they may be looking for more confidence, connection with others, support, friendships, etc.  

You MUST give them results of some kind. Make sure they walk away after the first hour with you with some tangible result. And of course, make sure they continue to see and feel results as they continue to come back.

Ninja Tip:  Get great testimonials for your classes!


Once you initially get their feet through the door because of the outside results they say they want, all of the other benefits of working with you will reveal themselves. The warmth and genuineness of your greeting could make someone's day. The way you high five or thumbs up someone for their hard work during class could be exactly the support they need.

People have crazy lives and we really have no idea what they are going through.  

You may have a mamma walk into your class that hasn't slept all week because her baby is teething, and she can only get away for the one hour of your class. Your class is like heaven to her.

You may have a recently divorced woman who is working 60 hours a week at a job that sucks the life out of her, and her only respite to let her hair hang down is the hour with you.

You have the power to create an environment in your classes that will make everyone's problems in the outside world disappear, at least for that hour.


You want to make sure you are delivering the workout your clients have come for.  It's your job to challenge them, but don't make your class so complicated or challenging that they feel inadequate and unsuccessful. It's important they walk away with a win.  

You want them thinking:

"I made it through!"

"I wasn't dying during the break."

"I can feel myself catching on and starting to get this!"

Are you getting confirmation that all three of these elements are happening with your health and fitness business? If not, how can you improve?


I help fitness instructors fill their classes.

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I own and operate a health & fitness studio in southern Colorado, am a stay-at-home mamma, and Advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator.