HUGE Mistake: 25 People in my Zumba® Class to 3!! Don't do this!!

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Hi, I'm Angela Anderson and I help fitness instructors fill their fitness classes and increase their longevity and happiness in the health and fitness industry.

I teach Zumba® Fitness classes and made a massive mistake when I first started.  

It's important for me to share this with you in case you are making this mistake too, so you can shed some light and course correct today.

I've taught all kinds of Zumba® fitness formats, small group training and PiYo.  When I got my license to teach Zumba® it was springtime.  A beautiful space was donated to me to have an open house event to advertise my classes.

Twenty-five people showed up to my very first Zumba® class.  Yes, it was free.  Yes, I was a brand new instructor living in a teeny tiny town at the time.  Gathering that amount of people all at once in one room was an incredible turnout!  

The class was packed to the gills, we were having a great time, there were so many people new to Zumba®, new to fitness, new to working out.  We had so much fun!!!

And now here's my big mistake....

I said to them when the class was over "ok guys, see ya later!  The next class is in two weeks on a different day and at a different time.  Bye!"

Can you see the opportunity I had in my hands and how I freaking blew it???

What would you have done differently?

Because what happened when I started teaching regular classes, I had a solid group of people.  However, two and a half months later in the summer, my numbers dropped to an average of three people!


I just put together this free event to introduce everyone to my class, but I had no bigger visions of where I wanted to lead them afterwards. 



I confused the heck out of them inviting them on a particular day for the demo and then I waited a long time to invite them back, which was again, on a different day and time.  People had to go home, wait a long time, and check their calendars.  I lost them!



Instead of a one-hit wonder, I could have pre-sold punch cards or packages when everyone was there already, all excited and ready for more!

If you do events or open houses you need to have foresight with where you are leading them next, have congruency with your message, and have a way for them to jump in for more (instead of having to wait for you).  Because, even if people love you, if you wait, they will go back to their busy lives and forget all about you.


I hope this really helps you avoid these obvious blunders that I made.  I've been in business for many years now and have been teaching for many years.  When people come in on a free class deal - an entry level offer, you've got to up sell them right then and there.

You have to have another offer for them before they leave your presence because getting them back through your doors is difficult and more complicated.

You have to have a well thought out marketing plan.  No, you don't have to be a genius marketer or have a PHD in the subject, but you have to sit down and think about what you are doing, how you are leading people into your programs, how are you creating a culture so you can retain people and build on referrals.

When you get coaching, training, and mentorship on these important components, it makes your business FLOW and makes everything go so much SMOOTHER for you without you having to work so dang hard!


Hi, I'm Angela Anderson.  I help fitness instructors fill their classes and increase their longevity and happiness in the health & fitness industry.  

What I offer:

- free PDFs, free continuing education trainings, and free Vlogs

- DIY online courses

- Group Coaching

- Private 1:1 Mentorship