3 Holiday Marketing Mistakes Health & Fitness Professionals Face Resulting In Empty Classes & Holding On For Dear Life Until the New Year's Rush


Crank up the volume or settle in by the fire?

The holidays are a hay day for retailers, but what do they mean to you as a health & fitness professional with a business?


This is a major dilemma:  Is this holiday season your chance at record earnings or your chance to denounce the consumerism, credit card happy culture?

Traditionally, 60% of the population is distracted with peanut butter fudge and slugging down eggnog the moment the Thanksgiving turkey is put away.  As a result, your fitness class attendance drops and and people stop scheduling so many sessions.

The reality is, health & fitness professionals just don't make that much money anyway (average is $30 -$50K/year, $80K for studio owners, according to the American Council On Exercise's Salary Report).

Even though the average American spends about $1200 on holiday gifts, it's not like they are stocking up on all the amazing health & fitness goodies you offer.  But, don't fret, I have just the holiday marketing strategy for you!

As a health & fitness professional you have a business.

A business needs to make money to survive and thrive.

It's important for you to make money so you can serve your vibe tribe and make the world a happier, healthier place (plus schedule that massage you've been craving!)

Lucky for you, the business you are in - helping people get health & fit so they can have a better quality of life is amaze-balls and never goes out of style!

But, don't make these major holiday marketing mistakes that will result in empty classes and holding on for dear life until the New Year's rush hits:



Slashing Your Prices

When you reduce the prices for the time that people get to spend with you - such as your classes or a session - it's sends a devaluing message.  The message is that your time is worth less (ah, em . . worthless).  The message is that your time can be bargained for.  The message is that the value of your time is negotiable

It might appear on the outside that you offer a one hour fitness class or a one hour private or group training session, but that's a lie.  You offer a transformation.

You set the stage, hold the container and facilitate life change.  Don't put that on discount!  Don't devalue your time and all the passion and expertise you bring.

ALTERNATIVE:  Add More Value

I actually raised my prices this month.  However, I've got a plan to spice up my classes, programs and sessions so that I can deliver more value to my clients during our time together.  In my online masterclass and in my self-paced courses, I teach you how to do this and give you concrete examples on what you can do to add more value during your classes and outside of your classes.


What can you do that will increase the likelihood of your clients consistently returning, even during the holidays and feeling like they are being served in ways that your competition can't touch?  (register for my masterclass here if you want some answers)



You believe in competition.

We know we are going to lose people anyway during the holiday season, but what hurts worse is the perception that we've lost them to "the competition."  In my courses, I refer to the competition as the dogfight.  It's not only the perception that there isn't "enough" business for you, so you are forced to compete, but it's the belief that in order to survive, you have to do more, be more, and "squash", "kill" or "slay" something =) 

When you believe in competition and are threatened by it, you get caught up in mistake #1 - having to slash your prices - because offering bigger discounts and more lucrative offers is the only way you can compete.

Competing is not a sustainable business model because you don't have a million dollar advertising budget like Nike, nor a huge team working beside you.  Besides, in competition there has to be a winner and a loser.  Can't we all be winners?  YES!  Keep reading . . .

ALTERNATIVE:  Tune into your vibe tribe. 

Your vibe tribe is a term that I refer to when speaking about your "ideal client", "niche", or "target market."

When you know specifically WHO you serve, WHAT real world problems are keeping them wide awake at 2am, and HOW you can position your programs & services as part of the solution they are seeking, then all your headaches about what to say, how to say it, and how to get them through your front door will go away!  #brilliant

Lack of a fine tuned message which speaks to a vibe tribe's problems, positioning your awesomeness as their logical solution is what turns you into just another annoying SPAMMER.


Who do you serve?  Who is your vibe tribe?  How do you uniquely serve them?  Build your holiday marketing strategy around the answers to those questions and watch your business thrive!



You Are Sleeping Too Much

Outside of the one hour class or training session with you is when everything falls apart for your clients.  Your clients (and future clients) struggle MORE during the other 23 hours in the day when you are not making them suffer through squats, pushups, jump knee tucks and other crazy stuff you put them through during your time with them.

People struggle with their nutrition.

People lose motivation.

People need support.

People have crazy lives and get off track.

ALTERNATIVE:  Give Them Hope

Instead of putting everything on sale and competing with the free class or big box gym down the road, give your clients and future clients something money can't buy.

With so much sadness and suffering, the holidays are not always happy Christmas trees, spiced cider and kissing under the mistletoe.  What can you do during this time of year to support them?

I teach you how to add value to your clients' and future clients' lives outside of the time they are with you.  In my masterclasses and courses, I give you tons of ideas about how to use your passion and credentials to education them.  Because, when you take the time to care and give someone an education, you break out of that dogfight and position yourself as the leader of your vibe tribe.  It builds trust, which is the foundation of all relationships and people engage with and buy from people they like and trust.


What can you do, outside of class, to give your clients and future clients hope?  Is NOW the time to start your holiday eating support group?


What will you chose this holiday season?

Fill in the blank:  I #opt _______.

Whether you #optoutside like REI or throw your doors wide open, YOU get to decide. 

YOU are the one person who owns your life and calls the shots with your health & fitness business.

If you want to make something of yourself, serve your clients and future clients in ways so they don't seek elsewhere for help, and enjoy the freedom and happiness that comes with a thriving business then GO FOR IT.

You don't have to compete. 

You don't have to settle for less.


I help fitness instructors fill their fitness classes.  It's time you use your talents and passion as a health & fitness professional so you can make more money, have more impact and become the #bossqueen of your business & your life.

As an Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator, I understand how your mind works, what's happening in your head and how you see yourself and show up in your life and your business . . . and what you need to do from the inside out in order to build a life and business you ADORE.

I've built successful online and offline health & fitness businesses and am now helping other smart, purpose driven, and hard working women build thriving health & fitness businesses too.