How To Stand Out In A Noisy Facebook Feed Using Events (Ninja Tip #14)


If you want to grow your fitness classes, and go home happy & satisfied every time you teach, then you ABSOLUTELY HAVE to stop making this mistake with your Facebook events.

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Here's an example of the types of lovely Facebook events that I get invited to all the time. Take a close look, because behind that gorgeous, inspiring picture are a lot of hidden mistakes that you may be making that are repelling people.

Check this out...


Do you see what's wrong with this FB event?

Problema #1:  Not a Catchy Event Name

Name of the event is her name + name of format she teaches. No one cares about that - #sorrynotsorry.

Problema #2:  Leading With Features

She's leading with features - date/time of class. If I can't make that date, I'll ignore her, but if she told me she can get rid of my back pain, then I'll clear my calendar!

Problema #3:  She's speaking a foreign Language

Build inner heat, ardor, tapas?  Wha? Wha? Unless I'm already a student, I don't care about inner heat, etc. What can you do for me that a free YouTube video can't???

Problema #4:  She's leading with her credentials

20+ years teaching experience. Yes, it's great you have experience, but can you help me??

I don't want to be a negative Nelly, but every time I scroll through my social media, I see generalized, watered down, and plain-vanilla invitations to, "get fit and healthy with Jane's (insert name of what Jen teaches) class on Tuesdays at 6 p.m."

With so many ways to get healthy and fit out there, why in the world would I chose you over the free class down the road?

I know you are doing the best you can. You are AMAZING, and people really do need YOU, but if you really want to stand out in a crowded market, fill your fitness classes, and grow your confidence, impact and income, you MUST take what you've learned about creating awareness and retaining your clients to the next level.

I'm a #bossqueen SAHM who sells out all my group fitness classes within two hours of opening registration, owns and operates a private studio here in southern Colorado, and is working my thriving health and fitness business authentically and on my own terms.  

Wanna learn how to do that too %FIRSTNAME%?



 I help fitness instructors fill their classes and increase their longevity & happiness in the fitness industry.  It's time you use your talents and passion as a fitness instructor so you can become the #bossqueen of your business & your life.

As an Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator, I understand how your mind works, what's happening in your head and how you need to SHOW UP in your life and your business in order to make the money you want and have a business & life that you ADORE.

I've built successful online and offline health & fitness businesses and am now helping other smart, purpose driven, and hard working women build thriving health & fitness businesses too.

I own and operate a health & fitness studio in southern Colorado, am a stay-at-home mamma, and Advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator.