How to Stop Feeling Like "the Zumba® Lady" and Be A REAL Fitness Professional

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Have you ever been called "the Zumba® Lady?" Have people referred to your classes, services, and programs as "that little thing you do?"

Like, hello!!!!!  WHAT WHAT????  All the blood, sweat, and tears—years of studying, training, paying for insurance and credentials— just to be perceived that way does NOT feel good.

How do you see yourself?  Do you see yourself as a fitness instructor or a fitness professional? You have to be aware that the daily decisions and habits you're making for fitness classes and your fitness business determine whether you will actually be happy and fulfilled with your role in the fitness industry.

Being "just" a fitness instructor and a being a fitness professional are very different.

There are three main outcomes to concern yourself with in the fitness industry, and they are solely about you:  

Outcome #1: How long will you LAST?  

Are you going to be a flash in the pan and only teach for two years, get burned out, get injured or go get another job because you can't make any money in fitness?  Or are you going to figure out how to learn, grow, and go for it as a Fitbiz #bossqueen?

Outcome #2: Are you going to be PAID WELL?  

Or are you going to be paid like a hobbyist? The "Zumba® Lady" is getting paid hourly or however it comes together. Being well paid comes when you take on your role professionally.

Outcome #3: Are the decisions you are making and actions you are taking leading you towards what really makes you happy?

I'm discussing this with you today because so many people in the fitness industry (group fitness instructors, trainers, health coaches, Beachbody Coaches, etc.) are constantly thinking about the decisions they need to make. These decisions will determine whether you stay in "the Zumba® lady" role or if you become a real fitness professional.

Do you ask yourself these questions?

Which new certification or specialty license should I get?

Should I do fitness as my full-time job?

Should I open up my own studio?

Should I go online?

Often times, we justify getting more certifications and licenses and taking on more classes and clients because that's what everyone around us is doing too. These are the habits of "just a fitness instructor" versus a real fitness professional.

Have you ever said to yourself, "I would just be happy if I could show up to teach my fitness classes and they were filled to the brim, everyone is committing and consistently coming back, they are signing up for my programs and services, and I'm finally making some goood money!" 

If you could rub the bottle and ask your genie, would you ask, "Can I just have a bunch of clients and make consistent money, then I could quit my day job and do what I love?  I could really pursue my passion for health and fitness as a real career!"

If you've thought these things, let me tell you where to get started!

If you want to be well paid...

If you want to be happy... 

If you want to be a fitness professional and NO LONGER just "the Zumba® Lady..."

There are 6 things you need to have in place:

Be a #BossQueen Tip#1:


What is the deep, juicy reason why you want to be a successful fitness professional? How is becoming a success fitness professional going to help you live the life you want?  There is a truth inside of you that is asking to be expressed and heard. Uncover that, and stay closely connected to it.  If you don't discover your WHY, you won't be invested in yourself. You won't learn what you have to learn. You won't be able to take the hard knocks.

Be a #BossQueen Tip #2:


I see a lot of fitness instructors rushing the kids around and rushing after class to do dinner. Rushing, rushing, rushing all the time. There is a bulletproof strategy that you can use to schedule, manage, and protect your time so that you are capable of completing what you start and feel in control of your day.

Be A #BossQueen Tip #3:


You have to understand the mindset, habits, and strategy of what separates someone who is just "the Zumba® Lady" from the woman who is a #BossQueen business owner. You have to understand how their mindsets are different. For example, shift the conversation from, "What classes should I teach?" to, "What are the things I need to learn and implement so that I can increase my bottom line—being well paid, managing my time, getting more money, and being happy.

Be a #BossQueen Tip #4:


With really knowing how your mind works and the stories you are telling yourself in your head, which unfortunately are really negative a lot of the time, there is a direct connection between what's going on in your head and how it's manifesting itself in your life and what you are attracting. If you don't understand this, then you can't change yourself at root levels. Transform your mind and the way you think so you can transform your business and the way you show up.  

Be a #BossQueen Tip #5:


I had a bookkeeping business, I have a business degree and I love getting geeky with money.  You have to assess what is useful and valuable and what adds to your business - all of your business assets.  You need to assess what is costing you money, time, and energy.  Figure out what is coming in, what's going out, what's adding value, and what sucks the life out of you.  What do you want to keep, what do you want to let go of, and what do you want to acquire in your business.

Be a #Bossqueen Tip #6:


This is a formula for what it's really going to take to make the money you want as a fitness professional and #BossQueen. There is a black and white code in terms of your revenue streams—how much you should be charging, how many clients you need to have. Also, there is a code within you directly related to your own value and worth and the value and worthiness of what you offer. It's got to be congruent and high vibe so you can get out there and be a real professional.

In conclusion, if you don't have these elements in place, then you're going to limit your success and just try to survive instead of thrive.  You have to dial out these elements so that you can get real results with your daily activities as a #BossQueen biz owner.

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