How to Take a "True Break" As A Health & Fitness Professional


HAVING ENOUGH TIME to get everything done is a big issue for health, fitness & wellness entrepreneurs. 

Between building and working your business, possibly working your day job until your night job pays, family, and personal life it's difficult to feel there is a vacation in sight!

How can you actually have a "true break" and create the feeling of more time in your life?

Have a life outside of work.  This is actually an ASSET in your business and your role as a health, fitness and wellness professional.


When you have other beings depending on you...
When you have many roles in life ....

You absolutely HAVE to learn how to use your time wisely, manage how you show up in your business so you are not depleted, and focus on the needle movers in your business that are not a waste of your time.

How do you create a true break and get more time?

#1 Put A Lock Down On Your Calendar

* if all you have is 30 minutes to work your health & fitbiz, schedule it and be a ninja

#2 Follow A System

* have a daily to-do list that includes new people looking at your services & offerings, educating & adding value, making connections, inviting, and follow-up

#3 Put Yourself First!

* make sure YOU are in the right state of mind when you are working - I always get my personal workout and daily mindset work DONE first and it makes a world of difference with how I show up in my biz

and *BONUS*

*stop multi-tasking when your kids are around - they notice and it hurts.  You are actually creating more work for and chaos for yourself.

If you don't have kids, same goes for you too.  Just stop multi-tasking.  The other things and people in your life will thank you for it.  And so will you.

Reprogram Your Mind:  

Explore how to change your subconscious beliefs about time, money, and happiness so you can radically upgrade your success as a health, fitness & wellness entrepreneur from the inside out.



Hi, I'm Angela Anderson.  Health, fitness and wellness entrepreneurs work with me to wake up feeling like a kid on Christmas every single morning.  

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