Untold Truths that Keep Fitness Instructors Tossing & Turning In Bed At Night

If you lay awake at night, tossing and turning, hoping to figure out a way to consistently fill your fitness classes, then let's have a heart to heart. It's time we discuss the untold truths of fitness instructors, which are realities in your life.

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Hi, I'm Angela Anderson, creator of Jam Packed: The Fitness Client Getting Formula™. I help fitness instructors fill their classes and increase their happiness and longevity in the fitness industry.


You desire to continue health & fitness as a full-time job.

When I first received my group exercise certification and started teaching my Zumba® fitness classes, I was also selling gourmet vegan foods and healthy tamales at my local weekend farmer's market as a side job. I was also a bookkeeper. On the top of all of that, I was a "stay-at-home" mom juggling everything while starting to build my fitness business.

Your Current Job Reality:

The reality for group fitness instructors is that we are teaching multiple formats, juggling other jobs to make ends meet, but deep down we yearn to do this as a full-time gig and earn a full-time living out of it.

It feels difficult to piece all of it together.

You can't teach back-to-back classes, this would definitely kill you! You need a day off to stay connected to yourself.  If you don't have time off for yourself then what kind of life would you have? Not having vacations, time, or space for yourself is not a part happy living.

Teaching just group for fitness is not reasonable, so you many of us get our personal trainer certification to help people get better results and to be able to charge more.

All these things that you do to try and become full-time are just getting stacked up on top of each other. This can never lead you to the place where you can earn a real living, plus keep up with your fitness addiction, certifications, licenses, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Your Job Potentials:

You definitely CAN lead yourself towards a full-time living as a health and fitness instructor; this is what I teach and work on with my clients. What I always suggest is that you don't have to teach physical classes all the time in order to earn more money. Instead, you can tap into many other ways to earn so as to level up your knowledge, education, passion, and of course the expertise! 



You desire community.

We love bringing people together to sweat, to leave our crap and baggage at the door, and get in the zone to move our bodies. When you're the leader and facilitator of that, it feels really great!

I just recently surveyed my vibe tribe, and some of their biggest struggles were working with people who are unmotivated and who show up to class with a bad attitude. interesting! Why would someone come to class and be all pissed off?

Your Current Reality:

What I usually hear from fitness instructors is that they want a community and they also love helping people, but in order to get paid, they are forced to work with anyone with a pulse and a heartbeat. It's a mentality to feel like you have to work with everybody and bend over backwards.

As a result, you get ENERGY VAMPIRES.

There was a summer when I was teaching a lot of groups and among those, some of the groups were really unmotivated. I felt like they were sucking my energy, and I grew tired of wanting to be there.

Your Potential:

You definitely CAN create an awesome community of people who are motivated, who don't suck your energy (energy vampires!), and who WANT to be in your class. If you can get out of the mindset of the martyr and not feel like you have to work with everyone. You CAN break out of that mentality. When you do this, you can increase your paycheck automatically with much less effort.


More Money, More Money, More Money!

Where's the money? You're paying Zumba®, ACE, AFAA, PiYo®, etc. If you go to the ACE website, you can download a salary report of what an average fitness professional makes in that industry.

Your Money Reality:

Group Fitness Instructors - $15 - $30K/yr

Personal Trainers - $40 - $65K/yr

Studio Owners - $75K+/yr

But when you think about your expenses, it costs almost $360 each year just to keep a Zumba® license, insurance, Fabletics membership, etc.

It's totally OK to want more money! You really deserve to have more money, but the reality is that the instructors cannot make it in this industry—leaving you to feel like you have to work with anyone with a pulse and a heartbeat, have to juggle other paying jobs and ultimately not letting you feel like you can ever climb out of debt.

Your Money Potential:

I'm here to tell you that I know so many health and fitness professionals—trainers, GFIs, studio owners—in my mastermind group who are making well over six figures. They are were working their assess off but not anymore! We now know what it takes to actually build a profitable, sustainable, passionate fitness business.

Set your sights on what you want and what it takes to get you there. The next certification you should get is not going to bump up your salary. What other classes you add to your schedule? Nope. Not that either.

Get into the team or a mastermind group. Look at your portfolio and figure out what could be the best way to get smart, strategic, and focused.


Time: Wouldn't you love more time?

Wouldn't you love to have more time to teach, to work on your business, to be with your kids, to have time with your husband, to go on a vacation, to sleep in, or to have a couple of hours for yourself?

Your Time Reality:

The problem is so many of us are running around with our day-to-day responsibilities pulling at us, and we are living reactionary lives. Do you wake up with an alarm clock screaming at you? Who has time to sleep in?  

I'm a rare bird because I wake up at 4:30 a.m. I love being an early riser—the quietness and the shamanic energy before dawn is really a special time for me.

Many of us keep on rushing from one thing to the next. Your typical day looks like this:

  1. Alarm clock screams you awake.
  2. Get ready for the day (packing lunch, packing workout stuff)
  3. Off to the races, and busy, busy, busy all day long (calls, social media, catching up with things, teaching, etc.).
  4. Get home, house is a mess, gotta make dinner, people in the house need attention and love.

Finally, everything settles down, and there you are! You want to work on your business, you want to improve, you want to rest, get that massage. It's never ending!

Your Time Potential:

If you want the gift of time you can have it. But it requires the ability to manage yourself first—focus, prioritize, automate, and systematize things. You don't have to be the one pushing send to every email and doing everything manually or on your own anymore.

Building your community and making the money means that you have to MAXIMIZE your time for your life outside of teaching classes as well as inside the studio.


You want to be happy!

When I ask my vibe tribe what their goals are for the year, what's frustrating them, and how they feel if they accomplish or fail, it boils down to what makes you happy and why.

I'm so happy when I teach my classes and everyone's going wild, smiling, sweating. I feel like I'm sharing the love of fitness! There's so much energy, and we have such a great world. We are here to make the world a better place to live—sharing with each other, connecting eye to eye, and heart to heart.  

That is the reason why I bust my ass and strive to learn the business stuff—focus, manage my time, learn the systems and the technology that is involved, hire business mentors, buy books, invest in courses, and continue to dig in and learn the all new things.

Your Happiness Potential:

Five years ago, I realized that I can't physically sustain teaching nine classes a week. So, I learned how to go online. I wanted to do something BIGGER, something BETTER. I joined Team RockStar Fit, and Team Beachbody, and became a part of a team of other health and fitness professionals. It was not at all a random network-marketing opportunity. I joined a mastermind team of professionals in the fitness industry who wish to do the same things as me.

  • They do health and fitness as a full-time profession.
  • They have built amazing communities.

  • They are contributing to making the world a better place.  

  • They are leaders and are stepping into their full value.

  • They are making way more money and helping way more people now than ever!

What are you here to teach, offer, and serve? As soon as you figure this out, the money comes automatically, and you can enjoy your life on this planet.  

Do you have ruined relationships because of your fitness passion?  Have you had to leave your children at home? Is your husband involved? Our fitness passion can be damaging to our relationships because it takes us away from mothering and from all our other relationships as well. 

As a result, many fitness professionals have strained relationships because of their passion. Don't you want to spend more time to work on your relationships and to be present in your life while working on your business?

What is your happiness?

Is it teaching fitness classes? Why?  


It's time to ask yourself that why you want all of these untold truths. What will you see in your life? What would be different in your life if your fitness business became the vehicle for you that helps you achieve the things you want? What is the thing that truly makes you happy? What are the steps you need to take?

I guarantee, when you are connected to your "WHY," learning the business—the marketing, the technology, investing in yourself, in your business (by the way, write it off on your taxes!), buying my Jam Packed™ course, attending my masterclasses, or getting involved with others who can help you achieve your goals—really pays off!

You're going to be excited, involved, not getting frustrated with the nitty gritty, you'll dive in and figure it out very easily. 

When you have these untold truths as realities in your life, you'll definitely feel amazing. These untold truths are not only for the sexy people ;) (go Salt 'n' Pepper!). These are skills you can learn that will lead you in achieving your end goals.

Hi, I'm Angela Anderson

I help fitness instructors fill their classes and increase their longevity & happiness in the fitness industry.  

It's time you use your talents and passion as a fitness instructor so you can become the #bossqueen of your business & your life.

As an Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator, I understand how your mind works, what's happening in your head and how you need to SHOW UP in your life and your business in order to make the money you want and have a business & life that you ADORE.

I've built successful online and offline health & fitness businesses and am now helping other smart, purpose driven, and hard working women build thriving health & fitness businesses too.

I own and operate a health & fitness studio in southern Colorado, am a stay-at-home mamma, and Advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator.