But, you need to have a solid strategy to have a successful health & fitness business.

What if working in your fitness business felt like the endorphin rush after an awesome workout instead of a grind?

You hustle.  You get 'er done and you're smart ... so what's stopping you?

Maybe it's because...

  • You are looking for help but all the coaches & programs want you to take a second mortgage out on your home to pay for their services or they require way too much time to accomplish ... 

  • You've looked for answers everywhere, but none of that info is sticking and really making a difference in terms of real results (aka - more clients, more money) and it's frustrating!  

  • You're overwhelmed because when you signed up to be a fitpro, you didn't realize there are a thousand different things that you must do to have a successful business and you silently wish it wasn't so!

So yeah, LOTS to learn and LOTS to do.   But you are going places and nothing can stop you!

Imagine throwing all of your thoughts, ideas, half baked projects, and goals at someone (yo!  over here!!) and having it given back to you in the form of an actionable plan that gets you where you want to go.

You are never alone! Together we've got this!


Are you ready to ...?

- Know exactly what to do and how to do it to get the results you want in your business?

- Work in your genius zone knowing that someone is in your corner and has your back?

- Become the in-demand instructor your peeps can't get enough of and they are banging down your doors?

- Have money left over in your bank account after your bills have been paid?


How do I know this is possible? Because I’ve done it.

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Hi, I’m Angela Anderson and helping you rock your health & fitness business is my JAM!

The bottom line here is that your success depends on understanding, focusing on, and taking action on CRITICAL components so that you bring in clients like bees on honey.  

Lucky for you, I’m a total geek when it comes to business, selling, and technology.  I helped build the PSYCH-K® Centre International to a 7-figure business and run successful businesses of my own.

My success comes from my experience as a health & fitness professional (I know this industry!), an Advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator (I understand how your mind works and the stories you are telling yourself), and learning how to set up a successful business from attracting clients, to turning them into paying customers, creating systems, and automating them.  

I'm a techno geek and keep things simple, actionable, and do-able for you.  Promise.

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Ready to chat?

Select a day/time that works best for you to hop on the phone with me for a complimentary breakthrough session.  We'll talk about your biz, your goals, your obstacles, and how I can help you, if it's a good fit!


I help fitness instructors fill their classes and increase their longevity and happiness in the health & fitness industry.  We accomplish this by:

  • Improving your outreach efforts
  • Standing out from the crowd & DELETING your competition
  • Building a tribe of people who will follow you everywhere
  • Becoming the in-demand instructor your peeps can't get enough of
  • Creating valuable content that your tribe gobbles up like flourless chocolate cake
  • Learning how to develop extra income streams without always having to teach a physical class
  • Signing up pre-qualified clients who easily whip out their credit cards to pay you


  • Jam Packed:  The Fitness Client Getting Formula® basic or advanced program - self paced, step-by-step training you get 24/7, lifetime access (starts at $179)
  • Jumpstart 1:1 Coaching Call - 45 minute a la carte private coaching session to sort out what you & your biz needs to achieve your goals.  Pick my brain, get a super targeted and simplified to-do list, and take action! ($97)
  • Growth Mentorship - work with me 1:1 for a certain length of time on a month-to-month retainer OR 3, 6, and 12 week commitment (starts at $900 for first time clients and $500 for returning clients)

Ready to chat?

We'll chat about your biz and if we are good fit working together.

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When you lack clarity, direction, and conviction people can sense it. 

And that translates to working too hard with too little to show.

You have SO MUCH POTENTIAL. It's time to let the world know.


We'll chat about your business and whether we are a good fit working together.