Complimentary "free your mind" breathrough session =)

In this session, we will do the following:

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  • Clarify what you'd like to be different, once and for all
  • Decipher your current money code, what's blocking you  and the old programs that are causing the resistance and are ready to be transformed and released
  • Create a blueprint for transforming your challenges into a simple, step-by-step, actionable plan that is rooted in your highest desires and core values
  • If we are a great fit and I'm positive I can help you get to where you want to go, then we'll talk about what working together would look like.


Normally, I charge $325 for a session like this, but this session is absolutely free for qualified applicants. This is my way of seeing if I can help you and make sure that when we work together, you WILL get the results you desire.




Step 1:  Fill out the application

The more detail you provide, the more I can assess if we are the right fit.


Step 2:  Give me 24 business hours to look over your application.

Preference will be given to you if you are ready to make changes, are willing to take responsibility and take action, so please make sure I can learn about you easily from your application and links. In less than 24 hours, you will be notified whether or not your application is a good fit.


Step 3:  Check Your Inbox.

I will email you with a link to schedule your breakthrough session if your application is a good fit.  If it's not a good fit, I'll email you any way and offer you some other suggestions and resources to help you.

Make sure you receive my email!  Often times my emails get put in your "promotions" or "spam" folders.  Click here for instructions on how to make sure you receive them.


I am mindful to only work with people that can engage in a co-creative process together, have a strong level of commitment, are actively seeking a solution, willing & able to invest money in full or payments, and are action takers.  I'm sure you have some desires too, so please share them here.  I'll contact you within 24 business hours.

Please answer ALL questions below and hit submit when done. Thank you!

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what's it like working with Angela?

The day after my first session with Angela, after 10 years of not dreaming since my mom died, I have a life changing dream. My eating disorder STOPPED. In one month, I had released 10 lbs of the extra weight brought on by binge eating, and I didn’t even have to TRY. Suddenly doing things that weren’t aligned with me didn’t seem like “me” anymore. I literally couldn’t do a behavior I had done for so many years - because suddenly, that slightly blurry lens I was looking out of became CLEAR. CRYSTAL. I totally revolutionized the way I was showing up in my business and for my clients. I’m now in the job of MY DREAMS and living a wonderful life.
— - Shana
I finished my 3rd session and thought to myself afterwards, “I’m fixed.” I’m thankful I said yes to myself and decided to work with Angela. All of a sudden I realize I’m not doing any of the bad stuff I was doing - with my food, inability to exercise, mindset, being stuck in my job that was sucking the life out of me, etc.. All of that is gone now and I’m loving my life!
— Cynthia
Working with Angela has completely transformed my health & fitness business AND my personal life. First, she showed me how to value myself and stop running around like a mad woman. My in-person fitness classes are packed and very successful now - without much effort! She then showed me how to go online, be successful and fit everything in with my other job and home life. I’m making extra money to go on vacations, do upgrades to my house, and enjoy the finer things in life! And, the most profound change of all is that I worked with her to end my drinking, which was affecting every aspect of my life - my self esteem, my focus, my energy. I’m so grateful.
— Tina