Sell Out Your Classes & Become the "In-Demand" Instructor Your Peeps Can't Get Enough Of!

Jam Packed:  The Fitness Client Getting Formula™ (evergreen version)

For fitness instructors who to:

√ Sell out your classes, services & programs

√ Attract new clients

√ Retain current clients

√ Get your clients the results they crave

√ Increase your longevity & happiness in the fitness industry

√ Create multiple revenue streams

Dig into my training and get a complete overview of the 6-step formula to fill your fitness classes and increase your longevity & happiness in the fitness industry.

For New Fitness Instructors or Instructors Re-Entering the Fitness Industry . . . you are hungry for information!

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Jam Packed:  The Fitness Client Getting Formula™ v1.0:  Diver deeper into the 6-step formula to fill your fitness classes and build a steady following.  Sell out your fitness classes & book yourself solid so that you are the IN DEMAND INSTRUCTOR your peeps can't get enough of . . . (without throwing money at expensive advertising and feeling like you have to compete with a sea of other classes)!

This program is perfect for you if you are a:  

  • New fitness instructor
  • Returning fitness instructor
  • Fitness instructor who has a license/certification to teach but have not done much with it

For experienced instructors who want to make more money & have more impact

Jam Packed:  The Fitness Client Getting Formula™ v2.0:  Ready to uniquely use your passion and credentials to deeply help the people you are meant to serve, while earn more consistent cash?  Learn how to build your business intelligently and with purpose. Lay the foundation for a thriving health & fitness business without spending more time and energy getting additional licenses & certifications, running around teaching tons of classes, and feeling disappointed and frustrated with your fitness business because of costly mistakes you are making!

This program is perfect for you if you:

  • Hold several certifications & licenses
  • A currently teaching on a regular basis
  • Have 3+ years experience teaching

The Ultimate Health & Fitness Content Swipe Kit

Standing out and having a thriving business with high retention means staying in touch with your clients (and future clients) . . . positioning yourself as the expert . . . and giving oodles of value.

The best way to do that is by being active on social media, updating your website with articles and goodies, sending regular newsletters, and offering handouts when you are face-to-face.

Download these creative, educational and value packed health & fitness content PDF swipe files that position you as the people's FAVORITE CHOICE.  Drop these beautiful done-for-you golden nuggets all over your social media and website to create a loyal following and easily fill your health & fitness class & programs.

ready for a breakthrough?

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