STEP #1:  

Don't let email tabs bury your emails!  I'm going to be sending you some more support & resources to help you fill your fitness classes and plug the holes in your business that are bleeding you dry.

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STEP #2:  

Dig into your customized ninja tips, future forecast, and recommendations for your next steps below!!!


You're a fitness business owner. Whether you own a facility, work independently or are a soloprenuer you are determined to make it as a full-time fitness professionalBurning the candle at both ends, you are juggling a ton and are hungry for support to make your business thrive.

You've got it all girlfriend!  You've got the clients, the classes, the space, and you also have all the business responsibilities.  You are thrilled that you are a full-time health & fitness professional, using your passion, talents, and knowledge to pursue your dreams.  Well known and revered by your clients and community, you are helping others change their lives through health & fitness.  Congratulations!  You're a #bossqueen!



Ninja Tip #1:  Get help!

You are juggling so many things all by yourself.  With the "do-it-yourself" mentality, you will burn yourself out and easily get overwhelmed with all the tasks that need to be done to keep your ship afloat.

  • Mastermind with other professionals in the fitness industry
  • Hire a mentor to help you focus, strategize, and execute on your dreams
  • Hire assistants or contract labour to help with the heavy lifting (bookkeeping, customer service)
  • Automate your business (class reminders, specials, social media)


Ninja Tip #2:  Have a Real Live Business Plan

Without a business plan you have no long-term vision or strategy to meet your goals.  It's important to map your future, outlining the course of action you need in order to sustain your business and live a happy life.

  • Commit your thoughts about your business to paper
  • What specific courses of action do you need to take in order to improve upon your business?
  • Where do see yourself in 5 years?
  • What do you want to accomplish in 3 months and what steps do you need to commit to in order to get there?


Ninja Tip #3:  Create Supplemental Income

You can increase your income and impact as a #bossqueen without always having to teach a physical class or trade your time for money.

  • Create support & programming outside of your classes/sessions.
  • You have the ability to offer online services with very little overhead.
  • Scale & leverage your talents, passion, experience, and education OUTSIDE of classes and sessions with signature programs
  • Offer complimentary products and/or services that support your clients (such as essential oils for massage clients or nutritional supplements - ps - only products you believe in!) 


You're know exactly what you're doing when it comes to teaching your fitness classes, keeping up the high nrgy, and getting your peeps the results they crave and if you play your cards right, you have many years left in the fitness industry.  The health & fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it continues to grow!  Demand for your services is high.  For over five years now, a consistent 60% of Americans participate in some kind of fitness activity.  

However, you asked and now you've received.  You've got the entire enchilada to take care of - your clients, your business, and yourself.  You are drowning in your to-do list and the business side is sucking up a lot of your time and not nearly as fun as getting in there and working with your clients!  

You've got yourself into a place where you have to do the business and now the business is killing you.  You've got to get your nrgy back, but how . . . because you're burning the candle at both ends.  And - you're still not making any money even though you do it all!  Do you secretly look at going back to a "regular" job???

If you want to own your business like a #bossqueen and release yourself from the grips of it owning you, I've got your back.

--> My job is to pluck you out of the vicious cycle of the full-time fitness business world.  Let's end your exhaustion, put some money in your pocket for once, get your partner out of your grill, and give you the gift of time with your kids & the freedom to enjoy your life.  

--> I am here to help you back yourself out of the corner you've wound up in without having to quit and get a "real" job.  Sound good?




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Business Mentor


  I help fitness instructors fill your fitness classes.  It's important that you use your talents and passion as a fitness instructor so you can become the #bossqueen of your business & your life.

As an Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator, I understand how your mind works, what's happening in your head and how you need to SHOW UP in your life and your business in order to make the money you want and have a business & life that you ADORE.

I've built successful online and offline health & fitness businesses and am now helping other smart, purpose driven, and hard working women build thriving health & fitness businesses too.

I own and operate a health & fitness studio in southern Colorado, am a stay-at-home mamma, and Advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator.