Essentials to Success


Essentials to Success Course Syllabus

[Module 1] Essentials to Success

The reason why you want to have a successful fitness business must be important enough to you so that you will be inspired to work towards your goals no matter what the challenges are that lie ahead.

You don't have to want to be a fitness superstar, but in order to keep improving, you must be connected to your true reasons WHY.

In today's master lesson, you'll discover your deep, juicy WHY so that it inspires you to drive for change . . . the kind of change that alters the course of your life. 

There are (2) faces of your why, both of them with equal importance. 


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Discover Your "Why" Worksheets

[Module 2] Essentials to Success

Today we will focus on one simple task that will help you follow through on your commits and make time for what's really important in your life - work time, play time, family time, alone time, learning time, etc.

Too many people are strapped for time - always rushing and running to the next thing. Is that really how you want to live your life?

Me neither!

Today, I will teach you a bulletproof strategy to managing and protecting your time. You're going to LOOOOVE this!!!


1) Download your worksheets for today (button is below)

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3) Fill out your worksheets

4) Snap a pic of your finished product and post it on your Facebook. You can help others by showing them how you are learning and growing (ps - if you use social media to promote your fitness business, you need to be adding value and this is a sure fire way to show your peeps that they too can learn how to manage their time . . . so that they finally get over their excuses and get to your classes & programs!)


Make Time Your Gift, Not Your Deadline

*BONUS* Guide to Saying "No"

Protect your time!  You don't have to be people pleasing or saying "yes" when you really want to say "no".  Download this guide (with scripts) so you can politely decline and stay focused on how you really want to spend your valuable time.

[Module 3] Essentials to Success

When you become a fitness instructor, you do more than just lead people through a 45 - 60 minute class. You become a leader, an advocate for health & wellness and CEO of your own business.

In today's master lesson, learn how to shift your mindset from hobbyist to #bossqueen to build a successful business . . . even if you only teach a few classes a week.

Your participants NEED you to be a #bossqueen to keep them safe, supported, and getting the results they desire.


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3) Stay plugged in! You've got this =)

Habits of a Hobbyist versus #Bossqueen

[Module 4] Essentials to Success

Do you have a few behaviors, habits, and thoughts you'd like to change? You're not alone!

Today's master lesson comes in two parts. I've split it up into two days because it's probably unlike anything you've probably ever heard before and you are going to want to stop and digest all the goodies. 

Most "master your mind" topics (as well meaning as they are), are filled with pump-you-up, flap your wings harder, motivation that has a very short life span and works for very few people.

I don't want that for you.

In this mind blowing master lesson, you will learn:

- How your mind is "made up" - literally how it works and what's in it!

- The cycle of habituation (procrastination, start-stop syndrome) - where it comes from and how to break it

- How to understand how your mind works and that you may have been working with the wrong part of your mind, which makes change so difficult

Then, tomorrow you will get part two of this lesson!!!


1) Grab a notebook because our master lesson today is an interactive one - you'll pause the video to stop and jot some stream of consciousness notes and then return to the lesson

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3) Watch the master lesson above

4) See you in our private group!

Have fun and stop being so hard on yourself! You're wonderful and today you'll unravel your story and get renewed energy!!!

Master Your Mind:  Download your PDF Conscious vs. Subconscious Mind Report

[Module 5] Essentials to Success

Today's master lesson is a continuation of yesterday, so if you haven't digested the information and done your action steps, stop . . go back . . . and catch up. I'll be waiting for you right there.

Yesterday, you learned about how your mind works, how the way you see yourself and the world around you was formed, and then started down the road about how to change all of the beliefs, perceptions, and habits that are no longer serving you.


In today's master lesson, we are going to wrap up mastering your mind and you'll discover:

1) How to access your genius by working with both hemispheres of your brain

2) The top 3 myths about change (I'm sure you're believing some of them and they are actually bogus!!)

3) The 6-step change process

4) The top limiting beliefs of fitness instructors

5) How to begin the process of real and everlasting change for yourself


1) Click the video and dive into the master lesson!

2) See you in our private group!  Ask questions, get support.



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[Module 6] Essentials to Success

Today's video is all about money! You are going to learn the most awesome finance strategies so you are in control and feel safe about what's coming in, what's going out plus, you are going to get the 10K equation - my system to determining what you need to do to make your dream income.

In this lesson you will discover:

1) Top 4 Money Managing Strategies so you feel safe, "in the know", and in control of your finances

2) How to Trim the Fat® from your spending so you save money and spend it on what you really want

3) The 10K equation to determine your dream income blueprint


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(there are a few fun things for you to do here!!)

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Master Your Money Code Worksheets

[Module 7] Essentials to Success

We are coming to a close here with your Essentials to Success course. Give yourself a big pat on the back (or a piece of dark chocolate!) for how far you’ve come.  

Seriously, take a second today to be grateful for investing time ON your business and your life - to be able to make working IN your business and IN your life stronger. Most people don’t do this. But you aren’t like most people =)

A couple details for you to note:

  • Remember you have lifetime access to all the modules in the course.You can go back and review anything you need. 
  • You have the tools now, go back to them because I guarantee you that when you listen to the master lessons again, you'll hear and learn new things!

Want laser coaching & support on your business and in your life? 

I'm happy to offer you a complimentary breakthrough session where we can explore where you are at, where you want to go, the roadblocks standing in your way . . . and if I'm 110% sure I can help you, we can talk about what it would look like working together.


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