Make Your FB Marketing & Advertising Easy Peasy with these (2)




Hi, I'm Angela! . . . health & fitness business mentor

Today's video is about Facebook hacks and how you can streamline your marketing and advertising for your health & fitness business - whether you teach classes, work with clients, or offer certain services & programs.

I know what you are thinking!

You are thinking "I know I absolutely HAVE to do marketing & advertising, but I don't want to spend all day on the computer, all day on Facebook!"

I have the anecdote for you today!  If you downloaded the 27 Ninja Tips to Fill Your Fitness Classes free guide, you will see that I have a lot of free ways that you can market & advertise your classes that work.

Now, I'm going to help you take that one step further and make it easier and less time consuming for you.  We are going to hop on over to Facebook and go to your "like" page or business page.

The first HACK is setting WHO is going to see your posts by selecting your preferred audience.  

Step 1:  Click Settings (upper right)

Step 2:  Click  Preferred Page Audience (left column)

Step 3:  Click Edit button

Step 4:  Select your geographic area and your mileage radius, select the age according to your target market demographic, select interests in you are specialized and niched down (see how I do this in the video above), select languages

Step 5:  Click Save

Now, every time you post from your FB like/business page, FB is going to show your posts to your preferred audience!

The second HACK is PRESCHEDULING YOUR POSTS.  This is going to take you away from the computer - get you off of the computer and social media so you don't spend all day.

Step 1:  Decide what you content plan for the week will be (ie - transformation Tuesday, recipes, remember to post your class schedule, etc.)

Step 2:  Add your picture by clicking the picture button

Step 3:  Click the arrow down button next to the publish button

Step 4:  Schedule the date & time you'd like to publish

Step 5:  Click the schedule button

Voila!  You do that for your posts for the week and you are going to totally get yourself out there for your peeps to get EXCITED about who you are, what you are offering, and the kinds of ways they can benefit if they get involved with you!