You had a positive health, fitness, and wellness experience that created a change in you for the better.  

And now you want to facilitate that change and inspire others.  

You have passion for health, fitness, and wellness ... and you want to be happy and make a good living doing it.  

It's as simple as that.


You know the way you work with your clients is life changing.

These are the highs that we go for as health & fitness professionals.

but there are also the realities of life & business . . .


The bills keep coming, kids need to be fed, and you want more than anything to have more income, more time, more impact, more freedom.

But how?

The struggle of running a successful health, fitness & wellness business is REAL.

You start off in the industry excited and hopeful, dedicating tons of time & effort into learning your trade.

But then, the business activities of program creating, attracting & retaining clients, and making money hit you over the head like a lead balloon.

you are not alone . . .

It can feel like a lonely road whether you've been in business for 6 months or 6 years.

There's so much to learn and it's easy to get lost in the crowd.

Your head sometimes wants to explode with thoughts of doubt and fear.

When I started my business, going from teaching a few fitness classes a week to adding nutrition, empowerment programs + online coaching I was able to create a complete career ...

I have something to tell you that's important

Everyone told me that if I kept working hard & kept after it, did all these things, listened to the calls, attended the trainings, showed up at the conferences, then I’d make it.  But . . .

The promises of wealth and freedom are seductive


... and can be used as a tool to persuade & blind you.  

And we’ve all been seduced.


The bottom line is YOU deserve to have a health, fitness, and wellness business that you adore, is profitable and most of all - makes you HAPPY.

you deserve to feel like a kid on Christmas morning ... every morning!

Let me ask you a question...

Are you willing to walk a different path than the masses? 

Walk to the beat of your own drum and discover your soul's unique purpose

I can help you:

  • Align your conscious desires with your subconscious beliefs so that you remove your obstacles (known and unknown) and reach a level of success you've never known before

  • Put the right tech in place (website, scheduling system, automation, etc.) that works quietly for you in the background, making your life and business much more efficient, freeing you up to do what you love in your business and your life

  • Up level your advertising and marketing efforts so that you become the in-demand expert that your clients can't get enough of

  • Create a low cost, high return online business that brings you more passive and lucrative income streams so that you no longer exhaust yourself and run around ragged booking as many clients from sun up to sun down as you possibly can


Why am I such an expert?

My story includes when I went from leaving my young children on evenings and weekends to teach group fitness classes, putting over 200 miles a week on my car to get "seen" and to work with clients in-person, fighting exhaustion & burnout .... 

to signing up as a Beachbody coach and then spending ridiculous amounts of money on coaches, mentors, and courses to separate myself from my competition .... (only to end up more exhausted, defeated, and as confused as ever!) ....

... to finally getting back to what’s really important in my life.

If you're ready to . . .

  • Make business and personal growth decisions from a place of deeper wisdom and vision for your long-term happiness and true desires
  • Embrace the "I create my reality" camp and make the powerful decision to be proactive in creating your success from the inside out
  • Recognize that the power and ability to create change is WITHIN you
  • Up level your success, get paid what you're worth and do it all without having to work so damn hard all the time
  • Embrace a business building approach that honors clarity, focus, and automation of your efforts
  • And you are EXCITED to get going now!

Then, we need to talk!  

Are we a good fit?

1) You want to be a successful person in your business and your personal life AND you're ready for a new chapter in your business and your life.

- My clients are health, fitness & wellness entrepreneurs and/or exceptional enthusiasts who are value their personal and professional growth and are interested in working with coaches and experts to walk the path of least resistance

- Many of my clients are mothers who want to spend time with their children and have a life.

- My clients are highly creative, are fast learners, and action takers.

- My clients want to have a LIFE and not be tied to a business 24/7.

- My clients want to make this world a better place, are dying to SCALE how they share their gifts, talents and passions.

- My clients understand that their outer world is a reflection of their inner world and place high importance on personal development.


2) You have done your homework.

You've taken the time to open my emails, read my articles, and attend my webinars/watch my trainings.  This means you resonate with my teaching style, approach to change, and holistic values.

You too want to have a LIFE and not just work, work, work all the time!


3) Your personal foundation is strong enough for our work to take root.

Your personal foundation includes things like your ability to focus, take action, and prioritize your commitment to our work together.

You don't have to be a perfectionist or overachiever, just aware enough to follow through on your commitments and be grounded.  

If you’re in a mid life crisis, unemployed, getting divorced, don't have enough time to sleep or eat, moving, about to have a baby, or getting married it’s usually best for that to settle before you and I work privately.


4) You vibe with my vision of the awesome person I can do my best work with … 

You’re an action taker.  You don't need to be reminded or hounded.  

You have (or are willing) to devote time every day to work on yourself and the action steps I give you when we work together.

You’re crystal clear you want to ROCK your life and your business.

You’re willing to tell the truth, take personal responsibility and prioritize yourself and our work together.

You don't get stuck in perfectionism, self doubt and self criticism - you can laugh at yourself, make mistakes and learn from them and are willing to keep moving forward.

You like candid advice, soulful straight-talk and keeping it real.

You value the mind/body/soul approach to creating a business and a life you adore.

You’re absolutely willing to do the work and show up 100%.

You’re smart, a quick thinker, and are willing to think outside the box and get creative.

You value investing in yourself. In fact, you probably do it all the time in a variety of different ways.

You view your relationship with your mentor(s) as sacred time for yourself.

You want a sense of pleasure, plenty, and peace in your business.

These are the common characteristics of my best clients and who I do my best work with. If this sounds like you, please get in touch.


let's talk...


In this complimentary "free your mind" breakthrough session, we will do the following:

  • Clarify what you'd like to be different, once and for all, the obstacles on your path, and the support systems you have for making the changes you seek
  • Identify the actions you are taking and thoughts you are having that are holding you back from the success you desire
  • Create a blueprint for transforming your challenges into a simple, step-by-step, actionable plan that is rooted in your highest desires and core values
  • If we are a great fit and I'm positive I can help you get to where you want to go, then we'll talk about what working together would look like.


what others are saying ...



Hi! I'm Angela Anderson.

At the end of the day, YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE and your success depends on your daily decisions and actions.

As an Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator I know exactly how to tap into your subconscious mind so we can create the programming necessary for you to achieve your success and zap any limiting, negative beliefs that show up along your journey.

Mother, wife, studio owner, and health & fitness professional - I know how to juggle all the roles we take on in life AND build a business filled with purpose, passion, and profits.  

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Create your Successful Health & Fitness Business on your terms so you can attract the best clients, make more money, and have more JOY!