MASTER THE SKILLS & MINDSET OF A FITBIZ #BOSSQUEEN ... you can have a thriving health & fitness biz and a life you ADORE!

More than anything, you'd love to wake up in the morning with 100% confidence that the decision you take & actions you make about your fitness business ARE BRINGING YOU SUCCESS . . .

. . . because this "shooting from the hip" and "throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks" strategy is NOT WORKING!

Maybe you are thinking . . .

  • It's "normal" to be this busy > all the other fitness instructors you see are going a million miles an hour with to-do lists a mile long, it's the life of a fitpro right?  It's how your life is right now, but deep down inside you are exhausted and drowning.


  • You Can Do It Yourself > you're teaching your fitness classes, doing the "behind the scenes" work for your classes, working other jobs if you aren't a FT health & fitness professional, running your kids around, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, meal prepping, and so on.  But secretly inside, you're wondering how much longer you're cut out for this.  Is this what life is about???


  • You Don't Need Outside Help > all this stuff it takes to "be successful"?  Stuff like scheduling and time management, goal & vision setting, finances, working with your mind, etc. gets shoved to the back burner because you've got classes to teach, money to make, and things to do!  But, it still feels like all the energy you are putting out there is not being returned to you in terms of money, time, and true happiness. 


  • The last thing you want to do is sit down and plan > With so much to do, where are you going to find time to sit down and focus? You've been on the go all day long and all you want to do is go home and chill, but it's difficult to do that because when you get home, your responsibilities are stacked up there waiting for you!  It feels like there simply is no time.



You absolutely have to get centered again and figure out a plan that is going to work . . . so you can

  • Master & protect your time in order to really be with your children, be out in nature, enjoy a home cooked meal, indulge in a massage, invest in your learning and personal growth, and be an awesome fitness instructor with a great business!


  • Lay your head down at night feeling fulfilled and satisfied because you're connected to your inner purpose and doing the best you can as a fitness instructor and your best is good enough - you have a plan and you're working your plan! 


  • Feel centered and in control - you know what's going on with your finances so you can make the best use of your assets and dump your liabilities, how to shift your thinking so you no longer are holding yourself back, and understand what decisions to make and actions to take to march towards your dreams as a fitness instructor

If you're nodding your head along, then let me introduce you to the sure fire way to go from throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something will stick to focused, in control, and unstoppable!

Essentials To Success is designed just for fitness professionals and will teach you how to:

MASTER YOUR MONEY CODE - Finally know where your money is going and where you want it to go, plus discover the code to earning MONEY in your fitness business.

GET DIRECTION & CLARITY - Finally know exactly what you want to do and where you want to go in your fitness business and your life.

BECOME A FITBIZ #BOSSQUEEN - Learn the secrets and behaviours of real fitness business owners versus hobbyists.

MASTER YOUR MIND - Have your mind work for you instead of you overworking your mind.

MASTER YOUR TIME - Make time your gift instead of your deadline.


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How do you put a price on your sanity and happiness?

The cost of Essentials to Success is only $54.

I will guide you from feeling frazzled and all over the place to feeling centered, in control and armed with a plan for success in your fitness business and life!


Without a strong, solid foundation, it's difficult for you to have a successful fitness business and a successful life.  Your answers lie inside of this course.

What Other FitPros Are Saying ...

I took this course to learn new things to help me grow professionally and personally and I would say “GO!! DO THIS COURSE” to fitpros who are looking to better themselves on the inside and outside.
— Amy, Pound® & Zumba® Instructor
The main reason I took this course is to dig deep into what was holding me back from reaching my potential in my health & fitness business. My favorite part was learning about my mind and how to master it! If you have a goal you’ve been trying to achieve but somehow haven’t made it yet, this is the PERFECT EXPERIENCE to gain insight. This was so incredibly eye opening and motivating! It helped me put EVERYTHING into perspective. LOVE IT!!!
— Lauren, Beachbody® Coach
I took this course because I needed to do something for myself and my business - to get inspired and get that fire lit back inside of me, to learn, and to grow. I learned so many things from the biology of how my brain works to time management, money making, and how to step up so I can put my good intentions into action. Angela teaches from the heart and delivers everything as described - I had an amazing experience with this course and wouldn’t get anything like this had I attended a large convention or conference. Angela, you are the BOMB and I’m THANKFUL I have you as part of my life - to see my real purpose and how to put that into action!
— Danielle, TurboKick Instructor & Beachbody Coach
I loved the money part!! Money = breaking down monetary goals into practical terms. I was guided so I could step out strong into building my biz (and restart some parts!) and got so much in depth practical guidance to help me hit important pillars of business & life success.
— Sarah, Zumba® Fitness & PiYo® Instructor, Beachbody Coach



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You can expect to go from living a life where you are barely holding it together to feeling more centered, in control and energized.  You will be taught a specific skills set that you need in order to have a thriving health & fitness business and create the success and happiness you want out of your fitness business and life.

Please read the testimonials from other fitness professionals I've included - they are above.