Get centered and take control of your life even if you are busy and being pulled in a million directions!

You'd love 30 hours in a day so you could have more time to get everything done . . .and maybe even give yourself some extra TLC because right now, you're going a million miles an hour and you to-do list keeps growing.

Maybe you are thinking . . .

  • You've Got Everything Under Control > you're teaching your fitness classes, doing the "behind the scenes" work for your classes, working other jobs if you aren't a FT health & fitness professional, running your kids around, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, meal prepping, and so on.  You've got this, but secretly inside, you're a hot mess with a never ending to-do list!


  • You Don't Need Outside Help > all this stuff it takes to run your fitness classes and your life?  Meal prep, managing your house, staying organized, getting good sleep, parenting - that's what's expected of you.  When you became a home owner, business owner, partner, and/or parent, did you get a manual or set of instructions????  Did it come with a personal assistant?  No, so you've learned to step up and take the heat.


  • The last thing you want to do is stay another hour in the gym > you're done!  You've been on the go all day long and all you want to do is go home and chill, but it's difficult to do that because when you get home, your responsibilities are stacked up there waiting for you!  You aren't taking time to eat as well as you should, take care of your body, and rest - there simply is no time!


  • It's "normal" to be this busy > everyone around you is running around talking about how busy they are and how much stuff they have to do all the time, it's how life is right?  It's how your life is right now, but you know deep down inside that there has to be more to life than this.


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And my fitness friend, I totally get that.  After all, it means . . .

  • You walk in your house after a long day and smell yummy, delicious, healthy food that you actually have time to sit down and eat! (no more shoving any 'ole bar in your mouth or skipping meals altogether!)


  • You lay your head down at night (at a decent hour) with a smile on your face because you're doing the best you can and your best is good enough - you have a plan and you're working your plan! 


  • You have HELP - your family is working as a team and you are getting the support & TLC you need as a fitness instructor, wife, mother, team mate, etc. (you're not doing everything all by yourself anymore)


  • You are centered and in control - you know how to say "no" and set healthy boundaries for yourself - that way you have the time and focus to prioritize that massage, your personal workouts, meal prepping, and fun time with your family

If you're nodding your head along, then let me introduce you to the sure fire way to go from exhausted trying to keep up with everything in your life to centered and in control 

Get ready to go from frazzled to focused in just four days without adding more to your plate and getting even more stressed and overwhelmed!

√ Receive DAILY FOCUS Master Lessons to help you reclaim your sanity, rest better, set healthy boundaries, and delegate so you aren't doing it all

√ Learn how to say "no" so you can say "yes"!  Learn how to prioritize YOU without hurting, offending or alienating others around you.

√ Care for your body!  Receive online at-home yoga, stretching, foam rolling, and complimentary fitness programming to support your body outside of teaching your classes.

√ Fitness instructors need to eat too!  Download my pre & post workout signature smoothie recipes + make ahead of time recipe cards for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you no longer skip meals and neglect your nutrition

√ Clean your house in 30 minutes with the 30-minute daily cleaning routine provided in the course

and so much more!

How do you put a price on your sanity and happiness?

The cost of Frazzled to Focused starts at only $27.



1.  Download the free Vimify app from your itunes App Store or Google Play (www.vimify.com) and create your free account.

2.  Click this link to register for the Frazzled to Focused 4-Day Course Just For Fitness Instructors (www.bitly.com/get-focused-course) - if you are on a laptop, make sure you use your SAFARI BROWSER.

3.  You get (3) registration options ranging from only $27 - $35, watch the WELCOME video where I explain all the details!

* use SAFARI if you are on a laptop

What Other Fitness Instructors Are Saying About the 4-Day Frazzled to Focused Course:


1.  Download the free VIMIFY app from your App Store and create your account (www.vimify.com)

2.  Click this link to register for the 4-Day Course "Frazzled to Focused" just for fitness instructors! (www.bitly.com/get-focused-course) - if you are on a laptop make sure you use the SAFARI BROWSER

3.  You get 3 options to register ranging from just $27 - $35

* Use SAFARI BROWSER for laptops

My Guarantee To You . . .

I know that stopping to do something for yourself might not be what you are used to, but I also know that you can't build your success alone.  For that reason, I offer a 14-day money back guarantee.

Try the course and if you don't get anything out of it, just message me and let me know!  I won't even make you prove that you "tried", ask you a million questions "why", or give you the run around.  That's just rude!  I want you to be happy.  With nothing to lose, why not dive into this course!  The water feels great!


Step 1:  Get the Vimify App
First, this course is hosted via Vimify - our very own private app - so you need to download the VIMIFY app onto your mobile and create a free account.

Just go to your itunes app store or google play to get it for free.  You can also cue it up using the Safari browser at www.vimify.com.

Step 2:  Click here to register for the course (use SAFARI if you are on desktop)

You have (3) registration options:
#1 Purchase a 7-Day Shakeology sampler pack from me for $34.95 + S&H

#2 Purchase a 4-Day Vegan Shakeology sampler pack from me for $19.95 + S&H

#3 Purchase the course without Shakeology for $27

*Important* You must purchase your Shakeology sampler pack through my affiliate link with me as your assigned coach and when you do, I will send you a coupon code to wave the $27 fee!

This course is evergreen, which means you get to chose your start date!  If you are purchasing shakeology, I suggest you select your start date 7 days out in order to ensure you have your product on hand for your first day.  For example, if it's January 1st and you register with a shakeology sampler pack, your start date will be January 8th.

If you register with one of the shakeology sampler pack options, you will be directed to my Team Beachbody website to finish your secure checkout.  After you complete your order, shoot me a message angela@jampackedfitnessformula.com and I will send you a coupon code to access your course.

Then, you'll be automatically directed to your prep tasks and to download your recipes, shopping list, and other goodies.  Watch the welcome video and get excited!  It's all right there in the app for you and you can always message me if you have questions at angela@jampackedfitnessformula.com.

You can expect to go from living a life where you are barely holding it together to feeling more centered, in control and energized.  You will get all the education, support, and tools necessary to feed yourself better, take better care of your body, and rest your mind.



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Under the "enter the coach information you'd like to be transferred to":
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No it's not.  I designed this course specifically for fitness instructors based on feedback I received from my vibe tribe of fitness instructors about what their struggles are.  Like all goals we set our sites on, often times we need to invest in tools to help us along the way.  If you are building a house, you are going to need to buy a hammer and nails at some point, right?  I believe that Shakeology (sold by Team Beachbody) is dense nutrition your body can benefit from when you are teaching classes and running around in your life.  Beachbody's online fitness programming is professionally designed - I don't want you cuing up randomness on youtube for your personal workouts!  It's great to follow along with an expert so you don't have to always do the thinking!  These are wonderful tools that you can invest in to support you with your program, which is why I've added them as an option for you.  Everything else - the content, recipes, and focus master lessons are all created by yours truly!