(So you don't have to bang your head against the wall in frustration with how to keep people coming through your doors and compete within a crowded fitness industry)


• It's overwhelming trying to "do it all" - teach your classes, get all the "behind the scenes" work taken care of, and take care of the other responsibilities tugging on you in your life 😞

• You're not making the money you want, you'd love more consistent peeps, and you are ready to grow & make a impact with your health & fitness biz 🙌

• You are really passionate, you're a hard worker, you don't give up, and you're hungry to get it right . . . and you absolutely need to sharpen your marketing and money making skills! 😁


I know just the way . . . come with me


For you that means:

√ A constant, steady stream of peeps smiling, laughing and getting results like CRAY because of your classes, programs, and services🙏

√ Making some "real" money with all the time, dedication, and investment you've made getting your licenses & credentials💫

√ Standing out from the "competition" so you serve your clients & future clients so authentically, that they wouldn't dream of going anywhere else 😍

√ Not having to work so hard at getting people through the door, keeping them coming back, and supporting you with that money in your pocket you deserve 

Come with me . . . because I've got you covered.

Introducing . . . Jam Packed:  The Fitness Client Getting Formula®

  • Self Study Program
  • 24/7, Lifetime Access
  • Bonus #1:  Private Member's Area
  • Bonus #2:  Daily Master Lessons
  • Bonus #3:  Master Recipe: Sign 5-10 Clients in 7 Days Without Spending A Dime
  • Self Study Program
  • 24/7, Lifetime Access
  • Jam Packed:  The Fitness Client Getting Formula™ v2.0 - deep dive into magnetizing your vibe tribe, creating sizzling content, and making money
  • Bonus #1:  Private Member's Area
  • Bonus #2:  Master Lessons
  • Bonus #3:  Master Recipe: Sign 5-10 Clients in 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

By purchasing, you agree to the terms & conditions stated here

I was struggling with how to attract new clients and keep them. I learned many things, especially that I was “selling” my fitness classes all wrong.

This is a great program! Angela hits every issue that a fitness professional encounters throughout their career and breaks things down into steps. The steps are easy to understand and not overwhelming, which motivated me to keep going and want to better myself and my business.

I would definitely recommend Jam Packed™ to my peers and others struggling. The program is easy to understand and covers everything that a fitness professional goes through.
— Sherri, Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer



Dig into these self-paced video trainings and discover how to get people coming to your classes in droves so that you:

√ No longer have to stress and panic about your competitors

√ See a sea of smiling happy, sweaty faces (and their friends) in front of you every time you teach

√ Feel calm & confident about how you deliver your awesomeness each time you teach

----> and build your fitness business + your classes intelligently & with purpose

Today, I will show you how the magic happens.  



When you ACT NOW, you will get 24/7 instant access + (3) wicked bonuses.  All you have to do is chose your package!

  • Self Study Program
  • 24/7, Lifetime Access
  • Bonus #1:  Private Member's Area
  • Bonus #2:  Master Lessons
  • Bonus #3:  Master Recipe: Sign 5-10 Clients in 7 Days Without Spending A Dime
  • Self Study Program
  • 24/7, Lifetime Access
  • Jam Packed:  The Fitness Client Getting Formula™ v2.0 - deep dive into magnetizing your vibe tribe, creating sizzling content, and making money
  • Bonus #1:  Private Member's Area
  • Bonus #2:  Master Lessons
  • Bonus #3:  Master Recipe: Sign 5-10 Clients in 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

By purchasing, you agree to the terms & conditions stated here


BONUS #1: Private Member's Area

Angela guides you through the program once a month - our next guided group starts in July.  I mentor and support you through each step of your program in a private Facebook group just for this course.  Receive check-ins, motivation, and accountability so that you are crystal clear, take action, and get the results you deserve.  These six action packed and highly engaging days are hosted by Angela each month and you are welcome to stay in the group month after month.

Note:  My experience shows that you will finish your program, get better results, and get them much faster with someone there to guide you, hold you accountable, and walk with you each step of the way.


BONUS #2:  Master Lessons

In your private member's area, when I'm guiding the group once a month, I will hold "office hours" and give you a daily MASTER LESSON to compliment the course.  In these interactive, eye opening master lessons, I provide you with clarity, case studies, and specific examples so you 110% comprehend your program and take action with confidence.

Note:  Take your business and your life to the next level by experiencing Angela's coaching!  Along with my coaching, the daily master lessons will clarify anything that isn't coming together for you in the program.  It's important you feel confident and ready to take charge so you can see results right away!


Bonus #3:  Master Recipe - Sign 5-10 Clients in 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

There's nothing more frustrating then pouring your heart & soul into your latest program or event and hearing crickets when you launch it!  Yikes!  This Master Recipe will teach you how to sign a flurry of new clients in less than a week without throwing money at expensive advertising!  26 page guide & video lessons.

OMGoodness!!! This program has been amazing! I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve learned so many things about how to fill my classes in the way that feels good to me. I LOVED the Facebook group and master lessons. HUGE HELP!! Thank you SO much for all the feedback, reasoning, and ideas . . .you are right on point with everything ((((BIG HUGS)))) You have given me a HUGE feeling of relief.
— Megan, Zumba® Fitness Instructor and FT Design Professional

√ Discover the 6-step formula to grow your classes, confidence, & professionalism so you never feel disappointed again when only 2 people show up 💪🏽

√ Receive 6 digestible, step-by-step video trainings with actionable "homework" & watch your magical strategy come together right before your eyes so you no longer have to bang your head against the wall about how to make an impact in the fitness industry 😎

√ Discover the exact drag & drop formula to describing and speaking about your classes so that people hang on your every word and come running to your next class, with their friends in tow 👯

√ Learn what most fitness instructors have no clue about so you can organically and authentically grow your fitness classes & focus your nrgy and do what you love most - teaching! 🌱

√ DELETE all fears of competition and getting lost in the sea of other fitness classes when you discover how to put the word out about your classes 🙌

√ Learn self-care practices successful fitness instructors follow that help you avoid injury, burnout, and exhaustion

√ STOP boxing yourself in between 4 walls and trading dollars for hours by discovering the best ways to diversify your income within your scope of practice 


You have two choices:

  • Self Study Program
  • 24/7, Lifetime Access
  • Bonus #1:  Private Member's Area
  • Bonus #2:  Master Lessons
  • Bonus #3:  Master Recipe - How to Sign 5-10 Clients in 7 Days Without Spending A Dime
v1.0 luxe upgrade cover.png
  • Self Study Program
  • 24/7, Lifetime Access
  • Jam Packed:  The Fitness Client Getting Formula™ v2.0 - deep dive into magnetizing your vibe tribe, creating sizzling content, and making money
  • Bonus #1:  Private Member's Area
  • Bonus #2:  Master Lessons
  • Bonus #3:  Master Recipe:  How to Sign 5-10 Clients in a Week Without Spending A Dime

By purchasing, you agree to the terms & conditions stated here

Get instant 24/7 access & VIP pricing when you join today

Here's what other fitness instructors & health professionals are saying . . .

I learned many things! The course didn’t seem like it was something I “had” to do in order to learn and I really enjoyed everything because the content was manageable and packed with info. I learned, I laughed, and I enjoyed it all! Thank you.
— Megan

5 Reasons You NEED to have Jam Packed:  The Fitness Client Getting Formula®  & all the amazing bonus content for your fitbiz



In less than 75 minutes you will nail your strategy about how to get the word out about yourself and your classes . . . and you won't get drowned out like everyone else in the fitness industry!



Want to know why it can feel so hard to bring people through your doors and keep them?  It's time to stop banging your head against the wall in frustration.  You'll walk away with MAJOR light bulbs turned on, action steps that work & tons of support so you easily fill your fitness classes & create a biz and life you adore.



Most fitness instructors end up paying tons of $$$ for certifications and licenses they never use, get burned out, injured, and frazzled.  This doesn't have to be you.  



Step into the powerhouse that you are so that people constantly ask YOU when they can come to your next class, sign up for you programs, and how to pay (not the other way around).  You'll hear those sweet words "OMG, I just love your class!  I've been talking about you all over town!" 



Having a successful fitness business IS a challenge and you love a challenge!  Jam Packed™ uses proven business, marketing, and human behaviour methods to help you build your success authentically & organically.  It's important that you  KNOW what is working instead of feeling like you are shooting in the dark.


What will this program do for me?

It will help you in the following ways:

  • Become a successful fitness business owner
  • Become a better instructor that will attract loyal and high quality people
  • Provide you with the tools and know-ho to give more resources to your clients so they get more success
  • Provide you with more connections and opportunities in the fitness industry
  • Support you in your life outside of teaching so you avoid burnout, exhaustion and injury
  • Give you support and accountability to reach your goals
  • Teach you more ways to make money and grow your impact
  • Stay connected to other leaders in the industry who want to up level their businesses and lives


Which Option Should I chose, the Basic or Advanced?

Chose the Basic option if:

  • You're a newer instructor and want to learn the foundational steps to fill your fitness classes and have strong client retention
  • You teach fitness as a hobby, but are serious about having strong retention rates and solid attendance
  • You want the blueprint of having a solid fitness business + support, but don't have the time to dive deeper

Chose the Advanced option if:

  • You're an experienced instructor with several certifications and licenses
  • You want to earn good money in the fitness industry
  • You want to dive deep into creating your "vibe tribe" that you can lead with valuable education and special programming
  • You want to learn to become a trusted educator who creates programming that amazing clients line up to pay you for 


Do I have a time limit?

No.  With either option (the basic or advanced), you get 24/7 lifetime access to your program.  However, in order to receive your VIP pricing, yes, you have a time limit.


I'm really busy, how much time does this program take?

Do you have 15 minutes a day to totally transform your business?

I've chunked down the training into bite sized nuggets for you so it's not overwhelming.  You get 24/7, lifetime access to your program and can follow it at your own pace.

I guide the program once a month via our private member's area, you can plug yourself in so you can receive guidance, answer your questions, and get coaching.  The daily master lessons are approximately 30 minutes and they are recorded for your convenience.

After you complete your program, if you purchased the Advanced option, you will need to set aside about 20 minutes per day to view the video lessons in version 2.0.  Again, the lessons are chunked down and easily digestible plus you get 24/7 lifetime access.


Will this course really work for me?

If you are focused on filling up your health & fitness classes, services, and programs, YES!  I believe this course will work for you.  It's not a flash in the pan, "become an overnight sensation" type of course.  It's deeply rooted in core principles that separate successful businesses (and people) from unsuccessful ones.

Day 1 - you will start promoting your classes/services in a whole new way so you stand out from the crowd and get eyes & ears on you immediately.  Most of the instructors in this course get a batch of fresh, new people interested in their services during this first day.

Day 2 - your confidence emerge and you'll own your zone and stand in your value

Day 3 - you'll start showing up in a whole new way that IS NOT SALESY or ANNOYING like so many people out there promoting their services.  People will start to see the value you are and how amazing your services are.  Most instructors in this course start signing up new people by day 3.

Day 4 - your voice will be like music to your perfect client's ears and you'll start connecting with the clients you are meant to serve on a much deeper level.

Day 5 - you'll get some much deserved TLC and be armed with tools to take care of the most important part of your business . . . YOU!  

Day 6 - you'll learn ways to earn income without always having to teach a physical class and the wheels in your genius brain will be churning with brilliant ideas you can start to execute right away.


  • Gain confidence
  • Know what makes you different than the rest
  • Know how to put yourself out there in a way that is truly helpful
  • Know how to show up in a way that ads value to people's lives
  • Know exactly how to market & advertise your classes
  • Get clarity as to how to earn money in the fitness industry



  • Know how to position yourself/your business as unique from the rest
  • Know how to advertise & market yourself, your programs, and your instructors so that people PAY ATTENTION and SIGN UP
  • Know how to become a leader in your area that people look up to because you are truly serving them in ways that most fitpros are not
  • Begin to create specialized programming in order to earn more income
  • Gain confidence & leadership skills



I'm set on you being my coach!  Do you offer payment plans so I can swing this?

Yes I do!  If you want the Advanced program, you can create a PayPal subscription which will set up (2) installments of $165, paid weekly for two weeks.  Click here to get started or click the "subscribe" button below.  


Hi, I'm Angela =)


I help fitness instructors fill their classes and increase their happiness & longevity in the fitness industry.  It's time you use your talents and passion as a health & fitness professional so you can become the #bossqueen of your business & your life.

As an Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator, I understand how your mind works, what's happening in your head and how you see yourself and show up in your life and your business . . . and what you need to do from the inside out in order to build a life and business you ADORE.  

I've built successful online and offline health & fitness businesses and am now helping other smart, purpose driven, and hard working women build thriving lives and businesses too.

My fitness classes are always packed and I sell out every spot in advance.  I've put this program together and all the bonuses to fast track your success. I've learned so much (and a lot of it the hard way) and want to save you time and frustration!  I can't wait to share with you.