When I got my start in the health & wellness industry I'd lay my head down at night with butterflies in my stomach and the anticipation of packed fitness classes, people flocking to my health & wellness programs like bees on honey & getting results like crazy, and making 6 figures in 3 years. 


But the reality was that I ... 

  • Was bleeding money on websites that no one visited 😂

  • Missed out on so many dinners and Saturday morning cuddles with my little boys and sweet husband 🙏

  • Was putting 200+ miles on my car to "get out there", teach to sporadically attended classes, and make a name for myself 😌

  • I had glassy eyes because I was glued to my computer working way too late into the night, but with nothing to show for it 🤣

  • Didn't have a clue how to leverage social media and was actually repelling my ideal clients 

and ...

  • I was having sales conversations with strangers that nine times out of ten evoked that dreaded response: “let me think about it”, which always led to dead silence no matter how many times I followed up with them.  Gah.


I was desperate to stand apart from the crowd and create my own success so I could continue to stay at home with my kiddos, be the successful #bossqueen of my own life and not submit to a soul sucking day job.

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You see, at first, I thought I could just plaster my fitness classes, health programs, services, and products all over social media, hang up flyers, gobble up as many certifications as possible, and pass out business cards and then the peeps would show up in droves.   

Well, that didn't happen.

So, I invested in myself and became a student of personal development, health & fitness marketing, and technology.


I hired my first coach ... and then my second ... and then my third.  And oh yeah, bought a few books, courses and programs along the way too!

Working one on one with coaches and investing in my learning took me from FRUSTRATION TO FREEDOM.

I finally learned how to sell out my classes, jam pack my online coaching programs, make money while I sleep, and grow a team... and still be a mom and a wife. 


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What's stopping you from creating your successful business which allows you more freedom, control and flexibility in your life?

Maybe it's because...

  • You are looking for help but all the coaches & programs want you to take a second mortgage out on your home to pay for their services or they require way too much time to accomplish ... 

  • You're overwhelmed because you signed up to help people with health, fitness, and wellness programs and now you're buried under all the stuff you have to do to actually be successful.

  • You're interested in learning how to earn money without having to teach a physical class all the time but have no idea where or how to start

  • You're feeling overworked, under paid, & under valued

  • You're dedicated to your affirmations, meditation, journaling, and positive thinking, yet your mind & your life still look like the Donna Sommer's song "she works hard for the money" 

Imagine waking up like a kid on Christmas every single morning ....



Scale.  Support.  Speed.

Trust me, this opportunity IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED.

- It’s the level where you wake up every morning like a kid on Christmas day - filled with belief and possibility!

- It's having all your tech systems set up so you never have to wake-up again throwing a tech tantrum and worrying about how you are going to get everything done

- It's know you have a proven strategy of what to do next so you are not wasting time and money

- It's having clients who are excited and motivated to work with you instead of taking your in-person services for granted

- It's earning more passive income so you stabilize your earnings and earn money while you sleep


I want to help you accomplish all of this and I know that it's much faster, more fun and you get waaay better results working 1:1 with someone who gives you their personal attention.

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Health, fitness & wellness entrepreneurs work with me to increase their confidence, impact & income.  My name is Angela Anderson.

The bottom line here is that you deserve to wake up every morning feeling like a four year old kid on Christmas Day!

Lucky for you, I’m a total geek when it comes to program creation, online marketing, working with you to zap your limiting subconscious beliefs, and putting together all the techno gadgets you need to make it come together and happen. 

My success comes from my experience as a health & fitness professional with an online and in-person business (I know this industry!), an Advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator (I know how to help you access your mind and transform your limiting beliefs), and a business and technology geek (I was doing logging into an apple computer with code when I was 5 years old!)

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You've got three choices.

Let me break it down for you. 


(1X a la carte)

  • (45-min) Private Session:  You will receive a diagnosis of your exact problem(s), how to solve them and where to go to solve them, and three or more specific action steps to take to start solving your problem(s) right away.  This is the fastest path to receiving a customized business success blueprint.
  • Our session together is 100% customized to plug the holes in your business and take a specific goal to the next level.


(private coaching)

  • Private Sessions:  We will diagnose exactly what needs to be done and after each session, you will walk away feeling calm, empowered, and excited to tackle your new (super targeted and simplified) to do list.
  • Advanced PSYCH-K® sessions will help you access your subconscious mind and reprogram your beliefs
  • Unlimited email feedback sessions for support & questions in-between sessions.
  • Private, shared Google document for notes, action items & to-do list
  • Fast Action Bonuses
  • Access to done-for-you assets and digital programs


(mastermind team)

  • Maximize your earning potential by partnering up with me, my team, and Team Beachbody, one of the largest brand's in fitness
  • Earn more income without teaching a physical class with our plug & play health & fitness coaching
  • End your loneliness and lack of support and mastermind with a team of like-minded health & fitness professionals
  • Grow your brand and deeply serve your perfect clientele and give the programming & techy stuff to proven professionals


Want to know if working together is a good fit?

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There's a light inside of you waiting to shine in a big way. 

People need YOU.

You have SO MUCH POTENTIAL. It's time to let the world know.