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Are you ready to stand apart from the crowd, eliminate exhaustion & confusion, make more money, and finally thrive as a health & fitness professional?

Health & Fitness Coaching with Team RockStar Fit

Partnered with Team Beachbody

  • Maximize your earning potential by partnering up with one of the largest brand's in fitness
  • Earn more income without teaching a physical class with our plug & play health & fitness coaching
  • End your loneliness and lack of support and run with a team of like-minded health & fitness professionals
  • Grow your brand and deeply serve your perfect clientele and give the programming & techy stuff to proven professionals  

My Story . . .

When I was first approached about joining Team Beachbody I was skeptical.  The honest truth was that my holistic, spiritual self thought that it sounded cheesy.  Like, what is this "Brazil Butt Lift" and "Beachbody" terminology???

I also didn't want to order a shake out of a bag coming from half way across the country.  What did this shake have that I couldn't harvest from my greenhouse?  After all, I was a holistic chef and had been making the most amazing smoothies and veggie juices for 10 years.

But, there were a few skeletons in my closet:

  • I was getting exhausted teaching all my fitness classes and NOT making the money I wanted
  • My clientele was sporadic and it was starting to feel resentful
  • I desperately needed to make more money or else I would have to quit my job teaching fitness classes
  • I was missing dinners & Saturday morning cuddle time with my family
  • My sugar and carb cravings were getting outta control
  • All the cardio and running around was taking it's toll

Being the smoothie lover that I am, knowing that I needed more yoga and resistance training in my life, and really needing to make money, I dove in.

Yes, I felt like I had NO EXTRA time to devote to starting another business.

Yes, I had no idea how I was going to make it work, especially since I live in a town of only 1,200 people.

Yes, I doubted myself and my abilities.

Yes, I doubted the company.

But, I got over myself and my crap.  I dove into the free training.  I started putting it out there.  The people started coming!

In 6 months, I began earning an average of $500/month

In 1 year, I started earning an average of $1000/month

In 3 years, I was earning $1000/week.

What would you do if you could earn an extra $500, $1000, $4000/month???

I'm also in the best shape of my life, have a team of health & fitness professionals that support & mentor me, teach only 3 classes a week (and take summer & holidays off) and am deeply serving more people than I could have ever imagined.

How about you?  Are you ready to breakthrough and significantly change everything in your life and health & fitness business?

Watch these fun & informative videos about how Team Beachbody Coaching with me as your sponsor can help you have a thriving health & fitness business and a life you adore.

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Schedule your breakthrough call and we'll talk about your goals, answer your questions, and decide together if coaching with Team Rockstar Fit/Team Beachbody and me as your sponsor is right for you!  

What Others Are Saying . . .


Beachbody Coaching made building my online personal training business a no-brainer!

As a PT I did not believe in shakes, I needed a way to get online, and working with Angela is awesome!


Danielle struggled with accountability and has now down 60 pounds & 22 inches working as a Beachbody coach and with the support of the team.

I finally have fitbiz partners & the money I'm making in Beachbody allows me to travel & pay for my fitness business (especially as a retiree on a fixed income)


Paycheck to paycheck and eating fast food to buying a new car and traveling the world as a Beachbody Coach


Hi, I'm Angela Anderson

I help health & fitness professionals fill their classes and increase their longevity and happiness in the fitness industry.

I know how difficult it is to be "successful" in the health & fitness industry.  Getting clients, being well-paid, and avoiding injury and burnout are serious issues, especially since we play a VITAL role.

Health & fitness professionals are on the front lines of helping the world become a happier, healthier place to be and you deserve to be well compensated.

As a studio owner, health & fitness professional, and online coach with Team Beachbody, I've build successful online and offline businesses.  I'd love to help you do the same and SAVE you from the frustration I experienced.

Let's work together to create your thriving health & fitness business either independently or with me as your sponsor with Team Beachbody.