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Our private member’s area is for health & fitness professionals who have invested in Jam Packed: The Fitness Client Getting Formula™ v2.0.  We are a community of smart, heartfelt, and purposeful health & fitness professionals who are focused on building a fitness business and life we adore.  All the perks of your membership are displayed below.

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  Live Coaching is included in this Private Membership.


Stuck, Confused, and hitting roadblocks as you make your way through your Jam Packed™ v2.0 content?  Put me in your back pocket because I regularly show up via FB live in our private group to answer your questions, support you, and work with you!


Not sure where to start or what to focus on?  Each week we set specific goals and then I circle back around to hold you accountable to what you’ve exclaimed to the universe, help you iron out the kinks, and set your sites on moving your needle forward.


There are a lot of components to setting up your #bossqueen business and knowing exactly what to be doing is KEY to saving your sanity and staying focused!  Each week I give you a #bossqueen tip from the trenches to help you fortify your business from the ground up.

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As an advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator I know how your mind works and how you need to show up in your life and your business.  We will grow your motivation from within so you are unshakeable.


Knowing the right techwork, systems, and automations are key to saving your sanity! Each week I’ll give you a sanity saving master lesson that teaches you how to incorporate technology that will lighten the load off your shoulders and build a business that gives you freedom.


It’s very important to celebrate yourself each step of your journey!  In our private member’s area we share our weekly wins, ah-ha moments, and are encouraged to create time to care for ourselves - mind, body, and spirit.



Confused?  Stumped?  Ask any question and upload your worksheets so you can get direct feedback as you work your way through the action steps in your Jam Packed™ v2.0 program


Automatic payments of $19/month are set up through Paypal.  There is a "no questions asked" policy, so you may cancel your membership at anytime and you will no longer be billed.


Let's be honest!  It's difficult to do everything on your own!  With your membership, Angela will walk with you each step of the way through your Jam Packed™ v2.0 program so you get results and build a fitness business you adore.

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Hi, I'm Angela Anderson and I help fitness instructors fill their classes and increase their longevity & happiness in the fitness industry.  Once upon a time I was running around like crazy, teaching 9 fitness classes a week and trying to raise two young boys, work other jobs that paid better, be a wife, and run a household.  I was a sweaty mess and I lived in my workout clothes!  Can you relate?

I was desperately trying to make something of myself and my fitness business, so I decided to grab a ton of certifications & licenses in the fitness industry, I became an online coach, and added in nutrition counseling and subconscious reprogramming (Advanced PSYCH-K®) to my repertoire of services.  

I quickly realized that it was impossible to build my empire alone.  SO I GOT HELP.  

√ I joined mastermind groups for health, fitness & wellness professionals

√ I became a member and paid for subscriptions to continue my education

√ I purchased DIY (do-it-yourself) programs and books

√ I hired private coaches

√ I enrolled in business bootcamps and trainings

Over the years, what held me back from continuing to invest in myself and what holds my clients back is this:  The patterns and habits we are stuck in, the fear tapes running through our minds, and the inability to know where to start because it's difficult to see where we are going.  Specifically, you could be struggling with:

Getting Started - you've purchased your Jam Packed™ v2.0 program to better yourself and your business and you are having a hard time starting it!

Taking Action - you're inhaling the information from your program like a #bossqueen, but you aren't taking action to get the results you want

Lone Wolf Syndrome - you're taking action, but you are not sure if it's working (because you are living in a bubble and doing everything on your own)

You're Not Used To Asking for Help - you're amazing, you're a perfectionist and you are so used to doing everything on your own, that it rarely occurs to you to reach out and ask for help

You're Scared To Continually Invest In Yourself - you purchased your program and you realize that you are now on a journey.  When does it end?  It doesn't my friend!  You've got to continue to get help and support throughout your entire journey.


* by joining you agree to the terms & conditions stated here *