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Google, PSYCH-K website, a friend? If it was a friend, what did they say?
The more precise the better - no need to write a novel, just be concise.
If so, what's the URL?
Visualize the best case scenario - what would your website do for your business? Get more online sales? Make your phone ring more often? Get new customers?
Do you have all the copy written for your home page, about page, services/offerings page or do you need business coaching?
ROI = Return On Investment In other words, what will you get back to offset the cost of hiring me to do your website?
How often? Do you think it's a good level of contact? Do you get much interest back when you meet new, potential clients?
Some answers may be: email marketing, sell stuff online, blog, newsletter, subscription
Do you want to have full control of your website once I've launched it for you? *
It's ok if you're not. I can tell you about it if you would like.
Do you have a webmaster or would you look to me to make changes/edits?
Websites typically take 4-6 weeks depending on the content scope of work, but let me know if you have some special time sensitive events that impact your timeline.
If I can deliver you a website that helps you connect with your clients regularly, sell stuff online, allows you to take control of your own website AND makes sure you get your investment back quickly, how prepared are you to get started on your project?